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Valuable Feelings
For myself, I value and believe in a serious, long term relationship that's all the qualities in the partner that makes a healthy long term relationship as well as success too!

And with where I'm at with my life, I'm ready to enter the dating world!

But not do I take care and protect myself and my mental health on a healthy level but allow myself to let my guard down when the time comes to allow myself to experience and work towards a serious, long term relationship which I'm currently seeking only!

I've never been in a relationship before in my life but I sure do believe my time is getting real close to knocking on my door!

And yes I take relationships seriously on a healthy level! And I won't let my guard down if it puts my mental health at risk in any way. That's one of my beliefs, values and priorities. If something or someone puts my mental health at risk, I'm not gonna bother considering it. I'm just gonna walk away politely.

My mental health is way too important for anything else. I know what I want and I won't put my mental health at risk for anything. And I'm certainly not gonna take the short cut in my own life!

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