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"MARK!! How many times do I have to tell you to stop squeezing my butt?!" You smacked Mark's hand away and walked to the living room with Mark following you from behind.

"Mianhae, jagi~" He flashed you with a big smile.

"Aigoo~ Why are you so cute?" You stepped closer to him and pinched his cheek. Then you felt his hands go to your butt, once again.

"Yah!! Mark Tua-" he cut you off and smashed his lips against yours. You didn't hesitate to respond to the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he pushed you against the wall. He trailed wet kisses down your cheek, jawline, then to your neck.

He immediately found your sweet spot and sucked on it. You moaned his name in his ear. He lifted you up off the ground with his hands on your butt and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You could feel his erection poking your inner thigh.

"Mark~ let's not do this here." You managed to moan out. He pulled away from your neck and smirked at you. He carried up to the bedroom and gently laid you down on your shared bed.

"Don't expect me to be this gentle when I pound you." He smirked at you once again before hovering over you. He took off your shirt and kissed down your stomach until he reached the top of your shorts. He unbuckled them and pulled it down along with your black laced panties.

He teasingly blew air on your wet pussy. You squirmed as you felt his hot breath hitting you. You tugged on his hair.

"Mark~ stop teasing" you pushed his head down until his lips became in contact with your pussy. He flicked his tongue around which drove you crazy.

"Damn baby, you taste so good." He started to suck on your clit and entered a finger in you. You arched your back and tightly gripped the sheets. He pulled away and took off the rest of your clothes and took all of his clothes off.

You couldn't help but stare at his huge erection the whole time.

"You like what you see?" Mark smirked. You shyly nodded your head.

"Then be a good girl and come here and suck on it." You climbed off the bed and went down to your knees. Your face was in front of his dick. He grabbed his own member and slid it against your cheeks while groaning.

He slapped it on your cheek and he smiled at the noise it made. He held it in front of your mouth, waiting for it to take it in, but you didn't.

"Huh? You're not following orders? Do I need to punish my Y/N?" He gripped your hair and pulled it back making you look at him.

"No." He looked at you with a displeased looked.

"No what?" He smirked knowing that you know exactly what to say to him.

"No, daddy." He held his dick in front of you again and you took him in your mouth. You straight up just took in as much as you can and gagged on it. You placed your right hand on what you couldn't take in and pumped. Your left hand played with his balls.

He moaned and started to breathe heavy. You bobbed your head as fast as you could. You took it out of your mouth and spit on it then pumped it a little before you took it back in your mouth.

"Ahh~ Y/N, your mouth feels so good around me~" He pushed your head on to his dick more, even though it was already at the back of your throat. Your eyes teared up as he thrusted his dick into your mouth.

"AHH~ Fuck!! Y/N, I'm gonna cum." He continued to thrust his dick in your mouth till he cummed. It was bitter. He looked down at you and smiled. He gently rubbed your cheek with his thumb then chuckled. You looked at him confused.

"You have my cum dripping down at the corner of your mouth, it's cute." He wiped it off with his thumb and put his thumb in your mouth for you to swallow the cum.

"Go on the bed and get on all fours." You obeyed. He went behind you and spanked you. You moaned and he looked at you surprised.

"Does my Y/N like to be spanked?" He smirked before spanking me again but herder this time. You nodded. He positioned himself at your entrance and slowly entered you while groaning. You screamed out the pain.

"Fuck! Y/N, you're so tight!" He groaned. After 4-6 minutes of waiting for you to get used to it he slowly started to thrust in you. His paste quickened and you pressed you face against the bed sheets so he wouldn't be able to hear your loud moans.

"Baby, let me hear you." You lifted your head a little and he smiled at your, now, audible moans. He spanked you and you moaned his name. His hand slithered its way to your boobs and he gave them a light squeeze. His thrusts became quicker the more you moaned. You both were nearing to your climaxes but....

"Noona, do you know where Mark hyun- AHHH!!" Yugyeom screamed and ran out of the room. Poor maknae.

"Shit." You said under your breath. Mark pulled out since the moment was ruined but you guys both chuckled.

"That's the fourth time they've walked in on us." You said and laughed. Mark laughed along but it soon faded.

"Why don't we move in together than?" He said and looked completely serious.

"Really?" You were shocked (Jungshook) by his words.

"Well, yeah. We've been together for four years. Why don't we just move in together? While we're at.... marry me." He said and smiled.

"Okay, let's get married." I smiled and cuddled with him. He wrapped his arms around you, you dug your face in his chest and went to sleep.

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