Part 47*

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The sun's rays fell on Shravan as he slept on the floor beneath Sumo's bed. He slowly opened his eyes and got up. Just as he was getting up, Mamiji entered the room and her eyes fell on Shravan and the mattress on the floor which he had slept on.

Mamiji: Arre, Shravan Beta?! (shocked)

Shravan: (quickly getting up and pulling Mamiji out of the room) Shhhh. Sorry Mamiji, I didn't want to wake Sumo up.

Mamiji: (waking into the living room) Shravan Beta, why were you sleeping on the floor?? You could have slept in Preeti's room!

Nanu: (hearing the conversation) Shravan? Why were you sleeping in Suman's room?

Shravan: (hesistaing) Uh.......Actually Nanu I........

Masiji: Shravan Beta, what happened??

Nanu: Shravan, say something??

Shravan: Sorry Nanu. Actually I couldn't sleep in Preeti's room. I kept on going into Sumo's room to make sure she was alright and then I decided it would be better for me to just sleep in her room. I'm sorry Nanu. (looking at the floor)

Nanu: Shravan Beta, Suman is fine now. And Aditya is no longer a problem. You don't need to worry about him at all. (trying to assure him)

Mamiji: Yes Shravan. (teasing) And Suman won't run away. You can leave her alone for a little while too. (laughing) At least leave her alone at night.

Shravan: (embarrassed) Sorry Mamiji........

Masiji: Shravan Beta, don't worry about it. We aren't mad at you for sleeping in Suman's room. But I think you are worrying about her too much. I can understand why, but Beta, at least you should have slept properly on a bed?

Nanu: Shravan I won't stop you from doing anything because I know how you feel. But Beta, I don't want you to constantly live in fear.

Shravan: Ok Nanu, I won't sleep in Sumo's room anymore. It's just that.......(gulping)

Nanu: What Beta? Tell me what's wrong.

Shravan: (looking at the floor) Nothing......

Nanu: Shravan, are you going to lie to your Nanu now?

Shravan: (running up and hugging Nanu) Sorry Nanu. I am sorry.

Nanu: (patting his back) Shravan? Beta, get up. Come on tell me what is wrong. Shravan?

Shravan: (getting up and kneeling by Nanu with tears in his eyes) Nanu, every time I leave Sumo at night I get.........I get nightmares.......

Mamiji: Nightmares?

Nanu: (with a serious face) About what Shravan?

Shravan: (tears flowing from his eyes) About Aditya! I can't sleep anymore. I keep thinking that he will come and take Sumo away from me. When I wake up and don't see her I......I don't know what to do. I just can't sleep know that she isn't near me.

Nanu: Shravan, Adtiya is in jail now. And he will never come anywhere near Suman so you don't have to worry about it. And if you can't sleep at night because of these nightmares then I am ok with you sleeping in Suman's room. I want you to be healthy and for that, you need sleep. And if sleeping near Suman will allow you to peacefully sleep then you have my permission.

Mamiji: Shravan Beta, just tell me and I will make a bed for you in Suman's room every night. Ok Beta? And you don't need to be afraid. We are all here and Aditya can't do any more harm to you or Suman.

Shravan: (weakly smiling) Thank you Nanu.

Shravan gets up and goes back into Sumo's room after his little melt down. When he arrives in her room, he finds her sitting up in bed, yawning. He smiles at her innocent face and whips the tears in his own eyes, trying to mask his emotions and his fear.

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