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Hey! Sorry for not updating, but I just had to say how fucking grateful I am of all of you! 22K views and almost 450 votes?? Let me rant for a second.

When I first started this "book" I never expected this to get so much attention. I did this for fun, and didn't really know if I actually wanted to keep this up, but all the positive attention blew me off.

And the requests!! Oh my lords, thank you all so much for them, and sorry for taking so long to make them. I have so much fun making each one of them, and I'm so grateful that you all still keep requesting me!

And don't even get me started on the comments! I just LOVE it when you guys comment things like "this is so me", "I would do that" and specially all the thank you's from the requests. The fact that you (hopefully) appreciate all this and keep reading it!

If you guys made it this far, let me just say, that you guys brighten up my day each and every day. Even if you aren't following me (which you should do ;)), thanks to everyone who has read this weird book of fanfics! And sorry for the sudden A/N.

Once again, thank you and I'll publish the next request shortly!

Toodles ♥

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