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This is my first story so please  , please give my story a chance (:

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Enjoy ! (:

Chapter 1 : 

Danielle's POV

I woke up today with a smile on my face . Why ? beacuse it's the first day of summer ! 

Finally , school is over and all I get to do now is have fun ! 

Today , my friends and I are planning to go to the mall and do some shopping. I can't wait !

I glaced at the clock at my bedside table then I noticed the time.  My huge smile dissappeared and turned into a frown .  It's already 11:30 ! I was suppose to meet my friends at the mall at  11 o'clock ! Damn ! How come my alarm clock didn't  woke me up earlier  ? oh great , now i remembered  . I forgot to set it up last night ! ugh !

 I got up immediately and ran to my bathroom .

My bathroom was purple , well , most of it is purple , it's my favorite color . It's the same color as my room .

As soon as I got inside , I went infront of the mirror to wash my face then brushed my teeth . Then I stripped down then went inside the shower . I took a shower as quickly as I could . I didn't even mind the cold water running through my body because I was in a rush .

After that , I picked the most comfortable pair of denim shorts out of my closet together with a red shirt that says 'SWAG' paired  with my favorite pair of black sneakers. 

I didn't bother to put on any make-up . I'm just going out with my friends anyway , I don't need to look pretty when I'm with them . Trust me , they've already seen me at my worst .

I looked at the clock again to see that it was already 11:35 . Wow ! 5 minutes ? That's a new record !  I usually get ready at about an hour or even more . I was feeling surprised and proud of myself at the same time .

Still proudly smiling at my 'new record' , I  grabbed my phone which was under my pillow . When I unlocked it , I found

11 missed calls from Kath

9 missed calls from Vannessa

11 missed calls from Shani

Uh , oh . I have a feeling that when I get there , World War III is going to start, literally. My friends will be so mad at me.

Aside from all the missed calls I got , I also received 26 messages all from my friends and some of their texts includes :

'Dani , where are you?'

'Wake up Dani!'

'Where are you now ? '

'Don't forget our plans for today dan'

'We're already waiting at the mall'

Really ? 26 messages ? they must be fuming .

Seriously , I have to remember setting up my alarm clock at night so I won't wake up late anymore. and so that I could avoid getting killed by my friends.

I quickly ran downstairs after reading all of their messages.

As I reached the bottom of the staircase , I heard someone shout. I jumped in complete surprise .

"Good morning sweetie!" my mom greeted me with a huge grin on her face .

 Seriously , my mom is  too loud. i just woke up but my eardrums already exploded all because of my mom's loud voice .

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