Chapter 9

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We walk out of the circular atrium, away from the statue, and down another dimly lit corridor. As we do I am sure I hear a faint scream coming from somewhere within the building. Jekyll, just ahead of me, does not flinch at the sound. Neither do I - I have heard many screams in my lifetime. In fact, I have been the cause of many of them myself.

But it still, it troubles me.

While I can understand the ultimate aim of the corporation, I am still in the dark as to what is actually going on here.

All I know for certain is that a War is between Olympian Corp and the Cupids Matchmaking Service is coming.

Jekyll leads me through the labyrinth like structure of the organisation, turning lefts and rights past numerous closed doors as she does. As we proceed more screams add to the first – an orchestra of pain and fear that seems to reach its crescendo as we stop by a barred door.

Jekyll turns to face me. I raise an eyebrow.

"This is noisier than the madhouse," I say. "And I should know – I've sent many a person through those doors."

She smiles thinly.

"I thought you'd want to see your friend before we proceed any further."

I presume she means Remus.

He is no friend of mine.

I smile broadly.

"I've told you, I have no interest in the wolf boy."

She returns the smile but it doesn't quite meet her eyes. There's something like regret in her expression.

"I wasn't talking about the wolf boy."

My heart sinks. I feel the beast inside of me rising.


Does she have Crystal?

I force a smile onto my face, putting as much menace into it as possible.

"Who do you have? Do not try my patience, Jekyll."

She pulls out a key from a chain around her neck, slips it into the lock, and opens the barred door. She holds my gaze, sincerity in her expression.

"I won't. We have a friend of yours. And I'm sorry. We needed reassurance that you wouldn't turn against us. We have almost perfected the serum – and with it your power could be un-matched. You will be a great asset to our army. Come."

She slips behind the barred door and, clenching my fists, I follow.

"If you hurt her I will kill you," I say.

She doesn't reply, only leads me down a corridor. It is dark, and people are laid out on simple beds within the barred prison cells on either side of us. They look dirty, unkempt and the air smells like damp, and unwashed bodies. I cannot tell if the prisoners are humans, or Myths, or a mixture of both.

It doesn't concern me.

She has my friend. She has Crystal. Who else could it be?

It is all I can focus on. I can barely process what Jekyll has just said about the serum.

Whatever that means can wait.

I will kill Jekyll, I think. Once she has led me to her. I will kill everyone in this place. It may cause complications for me later on, if their founder is who I think it is – but so be it. They made a mistake when they tried to manipulate me.

Jekyll takes me to the last couple of cells – stopping just in front and blocking them from my view. I raise an eyebrow at her, cocking my head to the side.

"You've made a big mistake here, my darling," I say.

She shakes her head, pity in her eyes.

"No. You have."

Suddenly a cell door swings open behind me.

I spin around as two men rush out of it – both wearing similar thick, black military uniforms. I grab the first by the head, look into his eyes, enter his mind, and leave him screaming on the floor.

The next throws a punch at me but I hurl him across the room. His back rams into the barred cage of one of the prisoners before he falls unconscious.

Adrenaline and power surges through my veins.

Did Jekyll really think she could trap me...?

With human...

Suddenly I feel a needle sinking into my skin from behind. I stumble backwards into her. She slowly lowers me to the ground with strength that is not quite human.

Then all goes black.


I open my eyes. Blink. 

Then remember.


Fury burns through my veins like fire.

I push myself to my feet.

I'm in a cell – a barred wall locks me in.

Then I remember how Jekyll got me in here. She said she had my friend.

Where is she?

"Crystal?!" I bellow.

Someone stirs behind.

"No, mate, just me I'm afraid. Although I like to think I'm just as pretty."

Relief washes over me. 

"Klaus, what the bloody hell are you doing here?"

I turn around. He's sat on the simple, wooden bed in the same cell as me. He looks significantly more dishevelled than when I saw him in the pub earlier; his white shirt is crumpled below his green waistcoat, his dark hair is ruffled, and he has a cut above his dark eyebrow.

He grins.

"You don't have to act too pleased to see me. Not in these circumstances, at least."

I shake my head then move to the door of the cell. 

"Don't worry, we'll be out of here soon," I say.

I look around. Jekyll is gone, the corridor empty. I curl my fingers around the bars, wondering if I can rip the door from its hinges.

I am a beast. I do not like to be contained.

I stop when I feel someone else's eyes on me.

I look across the dimly lit corridor and feel a jolt of surprise as I see who is casually leaning against the bars inside the opposite cell, his arms dangling into the corridor, the sleeves of his white shirt rolled up. He catches my eye and wiggles his fair eyebrows.

"Welcome to the party, old friend. It's been a while."

A grin broadens across my face.

What is he doing here?!

"That it has, Cupid, that it has," I reply.

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