28 - "You what?!"

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"You what?!" I ask Dean.

"I opened the devils gate."

"You personally or someone else?"

"Oh no, yeah, someone else opened it, but a whole lot of demons came flying on out of there."

"Well, I'm safe so.."

"Yeah I know, and that's good. I just wanted to let you know. In case you had any plans on leavng or something. There's a lot of demons out there. Spread the word. Tell Ricki and Mark."

"Will do." I laugh. "Okay so, anything else?"

"How are you?"

"I haven't dealt with any crazy people other than the family for about a month, so it's weird, but I'm alright." I laugh. "What about you?"

"S'alright. Sammy's driving. We're going up to Buffalo, so expect a visit in a few days."

"If Sammy's driving, then that means you should be asleep."

"I'm laying down." He responds. "Just, wanted to hear your voice." He says, slightly quieter in an attempt for Sam to not hear.

"I heard that." I hear Sam's voice faintly.

"Shut up." Dean responds.

"You're cute."

"Yeah, so are you."

"I'm gonna let you sleep now, I'm sure you're exhausted."

"I'm pretty tired."

"Alright, see you soon, maybe." I say.

"Love you."

"Love you too, idiot." And we hang up.

"Dean?" Rosie asks, leaning in my doorway.

"That it was." I nod, sitting up in my bed.

"He still alive and kicking?"

"For eleven and a half more months." I joke and she rolls her eyes.

"You're a cruel bitch."

"He's an idiot."

"He is." She nods. "What do you want to do for dinner?"

"Vietnamese? Takeout this time."

"Yeah." She nods. "Matt apologized to me about 900 times from the time you left the booth to the time that I was following you out."

"I do love that place though. I kinda want to sit and eat." I take out my phone and call Casey.

"Dallas Winters!"

"Casey Neistat!" I shout back. "What are you doing right now?"

"I am currently sitting in Oscar's office, so nothing. Why?"

"I'm going to get Vietnamese. Please make sure Matt does not walk into my favorite restaurant."

"Will do. I might walk in though."

"That's fine." I laugh. "See you later, maybe." I say and we hang up. "And we're good." I say, and stand up, changing quickly and then putting on slides.

"You put on a whole decent outfit and then put on your ugly slides?"

"Yes." I laugh. "And I'm wearing joggers and a sweater. This will be stylish one day." I point up and down my whole body.

"Sleeping chic." She rolls her eyes.

We take the subway to Canal Street and get off and walk (with speed) to the restaurant.

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