My heart pounded in my ears as figures rushed about before me. Harry backed away from the hospital bed as my mother tugged at his shirt, frantically attempting to create as much distance as possible between the two of us. What was happening?

"Calm down, madam!" A nurse held my mother's arms, trying to get her to relax.

Harry's eyebrows were pitched together, features expressing annoyance and for a moment I thought he was going to fly into a rage because that was what he usually did. I was surprised when he remained somewhat civil as the nurses worked together to convince my mother to give Harry and I some time together.

"I'm not going to leave her with him. Or anyone here. I'm going to take her home." My mother's voice shook as she reciprocated.

"We understand that you're worried but you are here as a visitor and you are not supposed to act this way. It would be best if you left the room for a bit." A red-haired nurse said to her, her tone hinting at impatience.

My mother exhaled shakily, shutting her eyes momentarily before speaking again. "No, I'll stay. I-"

"I won't make noise." She appeared to be more composed now, her voice softer but still nervous.

The nurse looked to Harry for a response. He gave her a small nod in reluctant approval, his eyebrows remaining drawn together. "I didn't appreciate that." He said to my mother when the nurses left the room. "You shouldn't be crying out like that infront of her, she's just woken up."

I struggled to recall the events that led to this. My mother and Harry were standing face to face - this was literally a nightmare. I had been out, I knew that. But the reason was unclear. I was having a difficult time seeing distinctions between my drug-induced dreams and what was actually happening. But that uncomfortable feeling below my abdomen was helping me remember. The blood, the pain. That excrutiating sensation of something being ripped away from my body. A daunting realisation flashed infront of me just before I passed out... I remembered. But I couldn't believe it. Had I actually been pregnant with Harry's child? My palms began to sweat, my fingers fidgeting as I ran them through my hair. It would explain a lot of things... the sickness, the cramps, the lack of energy. I had been so inattentive, so stupid.

"You are in no position to lecture me. She's my daughter, and you destroyed her. She was a girl with aspirations and a future I'd struggled to make bright but you monsters stripped her of all that. You used her for your own perverse desires... now look at her." She looked at me with heavy eyes.

Harry mouth was slightly ajar, and he was seemingly at a loss for words. He himself looked absolutely drained, his hair untamed and skin discoloured around the eyes. This was all happening too fast for me. I'd lost my baby, hadn't I? Of course I did. A baby I didn't even know I was carrying. I found myself cringing at the thought. My mind was spinning and I had to squeeze my eyes shut as it began to sink in. "Do you really expect me to take this lightly?" My mother continued as I felt her weight on the mattress. She took my hands in hers and watched me sympathetically.

Harry dragged his fingers up to his temples, pressing as he took a seat in the chair by the bed. My mother took my chin in her hand and slowly turned my head toward hers, clearly dissatisfied that my gaze was on Harry. She pressed her palms to my cheeks, cupping my face in an attempt to comfort me. "Everything's going to be alright now. You're coming home, Thalia. They won't be bothering you anymore. I want you to forget every-"

"Mum." I cut her off, removing her hands from my face and then holding them down with mine. "I-It isn't his fault." I said quietly, I didn't have the strength to give my voice an edge. And I was also terrified of the reaction I was expecting from my mother when I said the next sentence. "I love him."

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