Chapter 38

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After we left Verizon, we went to Monique's house to get her car. We took it to a friend of my dad's who owed me a favor. We went back to her house, she got some clothes and we went back to my house.

"So what did you and Blake do last night?" she asked sitting on the couch.

"Uh, we came back here."

"Did you have sex?" She had a big ass grin on her face.

"If you must know nosey, yes we did." I walked and flopped next to her on the couch.

"So how was it?"

"Girl, his dick game is hella strong! Why do you think I'm walkin' like this?"

We laughed and continued to talk for a while.

**3 hours later**

Knock knock!

I opened the door and let Blake & DJ in. DJ was carrying a bottle of vodka which was making me nervous.

"What's with the bottle?" I asked closing the door.

"This is how we're gonna get to know you two better," DJ said with his goofy grin.

"And how is vodka gonna help?"

"We're gonna play 'Never Have I Ever'" DJ said walking in the kitchen.

Shit. I did not wanna play this game with them because they will not ask normal questions.

They all sat at the table while I got some shot glasses out of the cabinet. I put the glasses on the table and DJ poured the shots.

"So who's goin' first," I asked nervously.

"I will," DJ said, "never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex."

Me and Monique looked at each other and took a shot.

"Explain!" he yelled.

"Me and Briana kissed once when we went to a party in high school. It was no big deal," Monique explained.

"So are yall, like, bisexual?" DJ asked.

"No. We were just drunk and someone dared us," I said.

"Wow," Blake said.

"Okay, never have I ever physically fought someone of the opposite sex," Monique said.

I was the only one taking a shot this time. Blake and DJ looked at me with their eyebrows raised.

"My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and when I wanted to break up, he hit me and we got in a fist fight."

"Damn," they said together.

After an hour of playing, I was a little drunk. Almost everything they said, I've done before.

"Never have I ever had to worry about a pregnancy - whether it be getting someone pregnant or being pregnant," Monique said.

Fuck my life. Once again, I took another shot.

"You were pregnant before?" Blake asked.

"Yeah," I said quietly.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I lost it." I didn't wanna talk about this right now. A tear rolled down my cheek and Blake wiped it away, "enough about that, someone else go."

"Never have I ever had an issue with my parents or family," Blake said.

Monique took two shots this time and started crying.

"What's wrong with her?" DJ asked looking at me.

"She doesn't have a good relationship with her family - especially her parents," I explained.

"My mom's manipulative and my dad is abusive and when I told them I wanted to be a dancer, they laughed and told me I was stupid," she said.

She continued crying and DJ just held her. He ended up pulling her onto his lap while she cried on his shoulder. He carried her to the couch and comforted her while I cleaned off the table.

"You can carry her in that room if you want," I said to DJ.

He took her in the room next to mine and closed the door behind him. When I finished cleaning the table, I grabbed Blake's hand and lead him to my room. I changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt, then got in the bed. He took off all his clothes, except his boxers, and got in the bed with me.

"Monique's family situation seems crazy," Blake said.

"It is. Like, her mom is crazy and her dad is disgusting and her older brothers did nothing to help her. They're the reason she lived with me and my family during senior year. They use to piss me off so much. That's why I'm so protective over her."

Monique's family literally is the craziest group of people I have ever known. I'm just glad she moved away from them.

I lied down and closed my eyes, but something abnormal caused my eyes to shoot open. Blake's hands made their way down my sweatpants and his hands were cold as shit.

"Jesus Christ, why are your hands so damn cold?!" I asked jumping up.

"Because it's pretty cold in here," he laughed.

"Okay well I'll turn the A/C off if you promise to never do that again."

I went to turn the air conditioner off and lied back down.



"What happened to your baby?" He sounded hesitant - like he didn't wanna ask, but he wanted to know.

"I um, had a miscarriage."

"And the guy you fought - he was the father?" he asked slowly.

I nodded and turned to face him.

"How did he take it?"

"I don't think he cared to be honest," I said in a faint voice.

"Why do you say that?"

"When I got home from the hospital, I called him and told him to come over. When he finally showed up, an hour later, I told him and he didn't say anything. He just sat in my room with me for like five minutes and he left," I said trying to hide the fact I was about to cry, "and do you know where he went?"


At this point I was already crying.

"He was going to cheat on me with that bitch Alana," I said with tears falling down my face, "he was cheating on me Blake! Who the fuck cheats on their pregnant girlfriend?!" My emotions had got the best of me.

Blake grabbed me and I cried on his chest.

"He didn't even care that I lost my baby! I lost my fucking baby!" I said hysterically.

Blake just held me and stroked my hair, "Briana, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked."

I looked up at him with tears in my eyes, grabbed his face and kissed him.

"It's okay," I whispered when I pulled away.

He put his arms around me, I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep.

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