A Sucky Night (SebaCiel)

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Sebastian was at a bar. A gay bar. Yes, Sebastian Michaelis, the owner of  Funtom modeling , was at a GAY bar. He recently wasnt feeling so attracted to women any more. He thought it was just a phase but his friends kept pushing him to see if he was attracted to guys. So in order to please his friends he had to sit at a gay bar for a whole night. Sebastian sat there looking around from time to time trying to spot a cute guy but so far there were none so he order a drink and sat there like an idiot.

"How old are you?"

Sebastian stared at the man in red who wore very little clothing to cover his body......for a few seconds he questioned if he was really into men.

"Age doesn't matter when youve gotta body like this!"

"With that answer i have a special treat for you."

"Sorry but im not into OLDER men."


And with that said the man in red walked off. After a few seconds a young boy sat next to him and ordered a drink. How was this possible the young boy didnt look like he was 18 or even close to being 18. Sebastian got one look at his face and was mezmerised. Holy shit. Was Sebastian really attracted to this young boy? He couldnt be. His whole life hes been attracted to women and women only. Not GUYS!

"Hey. Are you having a sucky night too?"

The young mans voice was so beautiful. It fit perfectly with his appearance. Sebastian didnt know how to respond.

"Hello? Did you hear me?"

Sebastian snapped out of his little phase.

"Uh yeah yeah."

"Oh? Then what did i just say?"

"You asked me if i was having a sucky night too and yes, yes i am."

"So what happened to you?"

Shit! What was Sebastian supposed to say now?! Come on think, think Sebastian! Hurry! What if the boy gets suspisous and walks away? Sebastian didnt want that so he said the first thing that popped into his head.



What the hell did he just say?

"Yeah, lots of shit happened to me"


Great. Thanks genius. Now what was he gonna say?

"Uh..my boyfriend....yeah my boyfriend and i broke up."

"What a coincedence so did i, but he was a jerk anyway so."

"By the way, my name is Sebastian, Sebastian Michaelis."

"Ciel, Ciel Phantomhive"

"Im surprised you're not jumping up and down."

"Why are you famous or something?"

"Um yeah.....Sebastian Michaelis"

"What is that suppose to ring a bell?"

"You're kidding, right? Im the owner of Funtom Modeling."

"So what you're a male model?"

"Not just a model, i also own the agency."

"I have never heard of the so called Funtom Modeling."

"Girls everywhere would faint if they saw me."

"Do i look like a girl to you?"

"Good point. so why dont you become a model?"

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