eight: tomorrow

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     "Alexa? Are you okay, dear?" The concern in my mom's voice broke my train of thought and brought me back to the present. Shit, was I spacing out? How long did I space out?

     "Uh, yeah, Mom. I'm fine, really. I, uh, was just thinking about the test I'm going to take tomorrow."

     Please don't ask anymore questions, Mom. Just let me eat in peace so I'll be able to go upstairs to my room.

     "And no, I wasn't with Claire, Dad," I didn't want to sound rude, but he always talked shit about Claire and I didn't like it one bit.

     His scowl deepened. That stupid scowl of his must be a permanent one, I've never seen him crack a smile before. "You better not—"

     "You don't need to remind me, Dad," I cut him off then, I didn't want to hear his stupid lecture about Claire being a disgusting whore all over again. I stood up from my seat and tried to smile. "Thanks for dinner, Mom. It was delicious. I'll go to my room now, if you don't mind."

     Dad was going to say something but Mom gave him a look, which made him shut up. Satisfied that for once that my mother took my side, I nodded in appreciation then quickly made my way upstairs. As I got out of the kitchen, I faintly heard my mother chastise my father about his brusque manners.

     Once I reached my room, I closed the door and locked it, plopped down on my bed, grabbed my phone from my dresser and sent a short text to Claire.

     Dad was being a dick again, I typed. I didn't want to hear his stupid rant about his hatred for gay people. Ugh, so ridiculous.

     Noticing that it was half an hour since she and I said goodbye, I added, Drive safely, baby. I miss u already. Text me when u get home, k? I love u.

     After setting my alarm for tomorrow morning, thoughts of today's precious moments with Claire flooded my mind. The sound of her beautiful laugh was the last thing I remembered before drifting off to sleep.

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