Rules and Prizes

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And now for the most awaited part... drum roll please...

The Rules!

We as the #TEEM value our rules very well. And for the sake of the campaign, here are our rules for our Graphic Contests Book:


- Respect all contestants. You don't want anyone calling your work dog poop now, don't you?

- No nude or inappropriate images. This campaign mostly reach out to teenagers and we don't want any of the 'stuff' showing, amarayt? ;)

- Entries must be in Wattpad cover size (512x800pixels). Because nothing beats unoriginality than low quality.

- Follow all requirements for the contest you are entering. That pretty much is self-explanatory.

So we can be sure that you have read the rules and details, comment down below your favorite song. Keep it low key *wink wink* so we'll know.

So now that we've finished with the fun stuff, let's move on to Prizes! How excitingggg!


1st place: a shoutout, a follow, 15 votes, added to the hall of fame and reading list.

2nd place: a follow, 10 votes, added to hall of fame.

3rd place: a follow, 5 votes, added to hall of fame.

Honorable mention: 5 votes.

Each contest will have their winners for first, second, and third place as well as the honourable mentions. That means there are plenty of prizes and a big chance for you to win!

The people who are judging the contests will be yours truly, the #TEEM (with a few guest judges). For more details about us, visit our The #TEEM Book.

Now that's all said and done, tag three users below that you think are awesome mega wicked cool and might be interested to join.

Hope you guys have fun and we look forward to seeing you at our first really cool contest coming very soon!

All the love,


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