Marriage, In Name Only? part four

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Marriage, In Name Only?

Part four

Friday, May 7, 2010

I woke up and moved her off of me. It was now a habit to sleep with her and get up and out of bed before she would wake up. He dreams had not bothered her in a long time really. But I could not stop my self from sleeping next to her. I tried to, believe me I did. And for those few nights that I slept on the couch. The next morning we would both would be tired and kind of grumpy. We liked being with each other and I would take her out sometimes. She was still afraid of the men around us. She would hang on to my arm the whole time if we were in a crowd.

I went for my run and when I got back she handed me a glass of water. I went and took my shower and got dressed. I sat at the table in front of her. She had a smile for me as she placed my coffee on the table.

" I want to ask you some thing."

" Ok."

" You don't have to but it is just a thought. And you can say no. I wont be mad at you."

" What is it?"

" Well I was thinking. You and I get along. We like to talk and you feel comfortable with me. Right?"

" Yes." She said hesitantly.

" Well I was thinking that if you wanted to that is. If you would like to marry me?" She didn't say anything. She just stared at me. So I hurried to explain what I meant. " It would be In name only. You would be able to be on my insurance and you could take care of the bills here at the house. I know that you would be safe here. All of your school work comes here and you could go to college here in town too."

" You want to marry me? Marriage, In name only?" She asked.

" Yes. You don't have to it was just a thought. I'm gone a lot and I was just thinking of you. Being in a safe place while I was gone."

" Yes."

" Yes as in you understand or a yes you will?"

" Yes I'll marry you. You understand about what happened to me and you still like me. And I do trust you not to hurt me. So yes I'll marry you, Mark!"

" Good. I have to leave in a week but I would like to do it before I leave. When would you like it get married?"

" As soon as we can."

" Tomorrow?" I asked

" Ok."

" I have some work to do outside so I better get to it. I'll see you at lunch and we will go get a license."

" Ok."

I didn't kiss or touch her I just walked out. I needed to get a dead tree out and plant a new one later. And she probably wanted to think about it all. I picked up a shovel and an ax and heeded to the dead tree to get it out.


Wow. That's all I could say. He was going to marry me in name only to help me. Keep me safe.

He had said. Help with my medical bills. But why me? I wanted to ask but didn't.

I cleaned up the kitchen and started my school work. I would do this quickly. That way I could be ready when he took me into town and get the Marriage license.

I finished my school work it was close to lunch. Mark must be thirsty it was hot out side. I got down a big glass and filled it with ice and water and went outside to give it to him.

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