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The Pioneer Series and To Be Published BookS!


• Pioneer Series will have three books—Epitome Of Forever (Completed - To Be Published Soon), You And I (Ongoing), and I Will Believe (Soon).

• Ang time setting ng Pioneer Series ay by season:
Epitome of Forever - summer and autumn
You and I - spring and summer
I Will Believe - spring and winter.

• Last book ng Pioneer Series ang Epitome of Forever tapos ang pangalawa ay You and I and then ang book one ay I Will Believe (Baliktad LOL).

• Sinulat ko ang Epitome of Forever dahil gusto ko muna itry magsulat ng mas focus ang romance instead of action then I will slowly build the tension ng series. With that said, if Epitome of Forever is 97% Romance and 3% Action, ang You and I ay 50% Action and 50% Romance and lastly I will believe will be like Untamed Queen/Fearless Queen 60% Action 40% Romance.

• Everyone in Untamed Queen are dead in the Pioneer Series. The main characters are their next generation.

• (SPOILER) In Epitome of Forever, yung pumatay kay Zack (Ex ni Dianne) is the main character in You and I.

• (SPOILER) After ng break up ni Dianne at Keiron, nagbakasyon si Dianne sa academy with her brothers.

• Papatayin ko sana si Keiron tapos bubuhayin ko yung baby kaso mahal ko talaga ang character ni Keiron, hindi ko magawa. :(

• Crossover dapat ang title ng Epitome of Forever dahil dapat mag transition ang character ni Dianne from being a queenbi-tch to a nice young lady (lol).

• You and I will have a lot of party scenes which are based on my experience in real life (HAHAHA!)

• Kapag pinagsamasama ang title ng Pioneer Series sa sentence makakabuo tayo ng: I Will Believe that You and I is the Epitome of Forever.


I know I have been MIA this past few years in Wattpad, but I plan to get back soon and finish these stories na on-going na pero hindi ko pa lang napopost sa website.

1. You and I (Continuation)

2. Clandestine (Werewolf Fantasy - SOON!)

3. The Writer's Blindspot (Romance.)

Overview: May isang filipina, a writer, na nagmigrate sa ibang bansa. Her life changed drastically dahil lahat ay new—culture, people, language and environment. Since she lives in a diverse place (which have multiple culture), she had a hard time adapting... until she met this guy na foreigner. And so, the unexpected love begins.


Epitome of Forever will be published soon. Self publish po ito so meaning hindi under Summit media. We will be taking orders soon so please follow me on Twitter (theAilaMonica) or add Epitome of Forever to your library for updates.

UNTAMED QUEEN will be printed in limited copies (most likely 15 copies). I am not sure if I will sell it or use it as a giveaway.

I WILL BE VISITING THE PHILIPPINES SOON! May posibilidad na magkameron po ng meet up to claim the books and to hang with me. Yaassssss! I am so effin excited! Also, I might give out Untamed Queen copies as a give away sa meet up.

Thank you for reading. See you soon! x 

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