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A white symbol was imprinted on and orange flag of a stone building of a deserted town. Though the town was ghostly silent from the lack of life, the stone building was not.
It seemed so energetic and obnoxious. Like the structure itself was alive.

"Happy it looks to be a good day today,"a man with spiky cherry blossom pink hair and dark forest green slanted eyes, wore a one sleeved black and orange robe with white baggy caprease and black sandals. Holding his robe closed was a brown belt that matched the belt around his bicep on his left sleeve, only sleeve. A white scarf looking like scales was around his neck, his skin was tanned and defined his muscles. His right arm was bare and on his right shoulder was a large red insignia that matched the one engraved on the orange flag.
"Aye!"a blue flying feline smiled, his small white, angelic wings extending. He had a green sack in his back, carrying who knows what?
"Should we go on another job?"the man questioned.
"We just got up..."the flying cat, Happy whined.
"And? We haven't been on a job since yesterday!"the man spoke and began running to the building, bolting thought the front wooden double doors.

"Hey, Pinky is back,"a man grumbled at the sight on the pink haired boy.
"My hair is not pink, it's salmon-"
"It's still a shade if pink!"the man growled.
"You turn your back on them for a second and they begin fighting,"Happy sighed.
"Are you two fighting again?"a deep woman's voice boomed over them as a shadow casted them to darkness in their brawl turning to cowardice shivers of fear.
"N-No ma'am!"they spoke together, clinging to themselves closely.
"Dear Mavis, can you two even go without fighting for one day?"the shadow turned into a fine looking lady of Scarlet hair and deep brown eyes as she gazed to her comrades as silver armor covered her torso and a grazing her knees with brown boots making a small tap as she stepped. A sword was buckled to her hip, if anyone didn't know her they may think she may have been a female Knight of a noble family, or with her looks maybe even be of noble blood herself,"Anyway, since you both have so much energy, let's go on a job. I already picked one up at the board and looks to be pretty good."
"What do you mean by 'pretty good'?"the man with raven hair and dark blue eyes looked up from next to the tan man.
"The pay is good and quite much but the description does not give much. The only thing is says is a location,"she stated, a floppy paper in her hands that didn't have much of the black ink upon it.
"What's the location?"Happy asked, flying over.
"The ruins of the burnt down of an old royal family's castle... The Golden Castle,"she looked up.

"I'll see you again, Natsu... Remember, I promised. I never break my promises..."

The tan man's eyes widened and shook as the words echoed from his head.
"Natsu?"the Scarlet haired woman spoke his name, tilting her head in question. He shook his head.
"That used to belong to the Heartfillia family until they were murdered by some dangerous people, but no one knows what happened to the only daughter of the Heartfillia's,"the pale man spoke,"With it being a pampered royal I assume even if she did get away she probably has died-"
Natsu grabbed his collar,"Don't say things you don't know,"he glared, clearly angered by his choice of words the man decided to use.
"Nashu?"the blue furball, Happy spoke from worry.
"I'll be waiting to leave,"Natsu stated turning quickly and walking out.
"What was that all about?"the raven hair asked, shrugging.
"I'm not sure." the woman shook her head.

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