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"It just sucks that every guy he goes out with is either a total asshole or a slob. My dad is a great guy. He deserves someone as great as him."

Dexter grimaced. "What number is it now?"

"Seven." My dad has gone on seven dates thus far. "How are your parents doing?"

"Still arguing more and more. I'm pretty sure sex is something that's long gone. So I'm looking forward to visiting the other one at their own place."

"At least you'll have to rooms." I pointed out.

"I already have to two rooms basically." He bumped me. He basically own the guest room at my house. He was like my dads other son from another family.

Dex is pretty much my brother. And us being only children made us even closer.

"So what are you going to do now?" He asked me. And honestly, I didn't know. I know I shouldn't be so involved in my dad's love life, but I was. Only because I knew what he'd been through and what he deserved. He deserved someone great, who knew what he needed and wanted.

Why must the people with the great hearts and personalities have to suffer and be treated like shit? It's taken my dad a lot of effort to even consider dating.

And that was only because I forced him to.

"Maybe I shouldn't do anything." I shrugged. Maybe my dad was right about love finding him. All I knew was that they'd have to go through me first.

"Maybe we should be more concerned about your love life. When was the last time you got some?" He asked.

"A month ago."

He scratched his head in question. "I don't think I've ever seen you date anyone before."

"That's because I haven't."

"Well," He tsked. "You might wanna get on that."

He tapped my shoulder before going to his class. I soon did the same and went to my first period with what he said still in my mind.



"You dropped something back there." A guy suddenly said. I looked around, down in my cart and behind me.


"Our conversation. Hey, I'm Jetson." He held out his hand. I awkwardly shook it, ignoring the urge to roll my eyes at the ridiculous punchline.

"Elijah." I shook his hand reluctantly, hoping to pull it back right after. But before I could, he'd brought it to his lips and kissed it.

"Trust me, the pleasure is all mine." He said with lust laced through his words and in his eyes.


I was relieved when I got all my fingers back. He looked like the type of guy to do that nasty finger sucking thing.

He just chat his teeth at me....

"Well it was... rare meeting you, but I have to go." I tried to get out of there as soon as possible. My hand still tingled from his kiss to it and I was trying to hurry and leave so I could bluntly wipe it off.

"We barely know each other. Can I get your number?" He bit his lip disgustingly. The urge to puke was hard to keep at bay.

"I'm not really uh.." I had to quickly come up with something. "I'm not really into guys. Sorry."

He looked shocked before letting his eyes wander over me. Finally he sigh with a grin on his lips. "What a shame."

I went to walk away when I heard him say something else.

"Wanna see if I could turn you?"

And then I made a run for it.


When I got back in, I packed all of the groceries away before falling on the couch. I've never felt so exhausted.

Oh wait, I have.

I was just about to get up to go to my room to rest when my phone started to ring. Majority of my mind told me to just ignore it, but the tiny portion of it told me that they'd just keep calling. Something that everyone who knows me does since they know about me ignoring phone calls.

"What." I groaned.

"Is that any way to talk to your big brother?"

I groaned ever louder. "First of all, we're only a year apart so you're not exactly my big brother, and second what do you want Bryce?"

"I want for you to open the door."

That had me sitting up, making a suspicious face at my phone then to my door. I cautiously walked towards my door before swinging it open, revealing the arrogant face that match the arrogant voice on the phone.

But that's not what had my mouth open and my eyes widened. It was the fact that he was surrounded by three suitcases.

"Um....." I said slowly.

He smiled before giving me a bear huh, cutting off my oxygen momentarily.

"It's great to see ya kiddo. Well, are you gonna invite me in?" He asked, making the same face our mother always made when she expected us to do something. But I was still trying to understand what was happening.

He signed before side stepping me, pulling in his things as well.

"What's happening?" I finally asked.

"Oh, yeah. Well, my place is getting fixed up so until then, I'll have to stay somewhere else. And I didn't want to stay in a hotel so, here I am."

Suddenly a bunch of flashbacks from when we were kids began to slideshow through my mind.

"Oh no." I whined.

He grinned mischievously. "Oh yeah. Big bro is movin' in!"

All I wanted was to take a nap....


I didn't get to add Bryce's character into the book so I'll just write him in. I'm not 100% who I want to play him. I'll take some suggestions if you guys have any. And Ian Somerhalder is off the table.

I'm trying not to dwell on a series. So if you guys have someone, I'm all ears. But make sure he has black hair and possibly taller than Elijah.

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