~7 Minutes in Black Butler Heaven~

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I wrote this to be a quiz but I guess it was to big or something xD so I'll give you what it would have been like :3 Enjoy!!! This is in your POV by the way. So Lizzie decides to through a party at Ciel's manor despite his wishes. Hours later only Sebastian, Ciel, Undertaker, Drocell, Lau, William, Grell, you, Lizzie, Madam Red, Paula (Lizzie's servant), Ranmao, Mey-Rin,and Angela (yes I know people don't really like her but I wanted an even number of guys and girls so get over it.) are left. Lizzie suggests this game and then the men placed things in one of Ciel's many hats. Lizzie says, "_______, you go first!"

{x} I pulled out a tooth and got:

I pulled out a tooth. “Who put the tooth in?” I asked. I already knew, but I wanted to ask anyways. Undertaker stood up and with a chuckle lead me to the closet. When we were in Lizzie shut and locked the door. I didn’t know what to expect with Undertaker. I did know that I really liked him and all of our secret inside jokes. We had so many good-times and whenever I thought about him I blushed a little. He looked at me and I looked at him. I must’ve really shown how nervous I was because he chuckled at me. “So...,” I half mumbled as I slid to the floor. “_______ I want you to make me laugh.” He said in a serious tone. I was puzzled by this, but I obeyed and told one of our many inside jokes. He didn’t laugh. “What did I do wrong? Did I say it wrong....no I said it right. Usually he’s shaking the manor with his laugh by now. Aghh!” I thought. My mind raced with a gazillion questions at once. Undertaker pulled me up off the floor and into his arms. I was so confused I didn’t even know whether to blush or cry. I looked up at him and he smiled down with his gorgeous smile. Even more confusion ran through me. He pulled his hand up to my face and cupped it gently. I now understood and got a thousand butterflies in my stomach. I felt my face grow red. He pulled my face up to his and kissed me. I was in shock, but I kissed back. His kiss was gentler than I imagined. When he pulled away I felt my heart explode from the moment we just shared. I looked up at him and he started laughing. I grew angry and felt foolish. I pulled away from his massive bear hug and turned away from him. I felt a tear stream down my face. He could tell I was upset because usually his mad hyena laugh triggers my laugh. “_______ what’s wrong?” I stumbled on words, but I finally managed to say, “Wh-why are you laughing at me. Di-d I do something wrong?” I tried not to sound hurt, but it hadn’t worked. Undertaker brought me back to his massive bear hug and looked down at me and said, “Aren’t people supposed to laugh and smile at the end of fairy-tales?” My jaw dropped. “Wh-” But I was caught off by another kiss. He was right though, that was how fairy-tales end. Just as we pulled away Lizzie opened the door and said time’s up. I walked back to my seat where I would occasionally glance over at him and blush. At the end of the night he asked me to be his laughing queen. I obviously said yes and we have been together ever since.

{x} I pulled out a shiny stone and got:

“Who put a stone in?” It was a strange thing, but I pulled out a small shiny stone. Drocell stood up and walked into the closet with me following. Drocell was my secret crush. I met him a couple years ago at his store when I was shopping for the little girl I used to take care of. I loved his voice. When he sang, my attention was purely on him. One day he asked me to sing with him and I agreed. We made such a perfect unison people stopped and listened to us with such awe. We fit perfectly together I’ve been told, but he’s never made a move so perhaps he will now. When Lizzie locked us in the closet I looked over at him and saw him just standing there half smiling. I blushed and smiled back. I walked over towards him and realized that I had to make the first move he never would. But, how could I sneak in a kiss without our friendship being ruined? I turned to face and talk to him, but I found myself being interrupted by a cold, gentle, pair of lips. I couldn’t believe he was kissing me! I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist. I pulled away and looked up at the gentle, strange, and kind man who just kissed me. I got butterflies everywhere and found myself leaning in for another kiss. He kissed me back with even more pressure than I. “Drocell,” I began after a breath, “I really-” but I was cut short by his words. “_______, I really like you. You’re more perfect than any doll I could ever make. You’re so beautiful.” I blushed even more and turned an even brighter shade of red. “Drocell, you took the words right out of my mouth.” I kissed him again and bit on his lip gently asking for entrance. But, right as we began to make-out Lizzie opened the door with a loud. “AWWWH!” Drocell and I exited the closet holding hands. I sat down right beside him and fell asleep on his chest with his arm around me. When I woke up the next morning I was in a guest bed in the manor with a note on the stand next to me. It said, “Doll, will you please be mine? ~Drocell.” I ran to his shop and kissed him and said yes. We’ve been together ever since.

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