the life of naruko and sasuke

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Okay  guys  this is a simple mission. Okay Kakashi  sensei.  Good  let's good. Hey dobe.  What sasuke.  After the mission  can you  come to my house  and  tell why you  pretend to be a boy.  Okay  sasuke  I will  just don't tell anyone please.  I won't dobe. Thanks saskue . Kit. What is it kurama.  Are you sure you want to tell the uchiha  about us . Do you  trust him  about our  secret. I do kurama.  I know he will  not tell  anyone. I hope so  kit for our forsake I really do. Believe me kurama.  Hey  dobe.  What sasuke.  Are you okay  you look like you were  in a deep  thought.  Oh  sorry sasuke I was  thinking about something.  Kakashi sensei  are we Close to  our  mission?  Yes we are sakura  now  keep your voices down.  Okay  sensei.  There was a  man  by the tree.  Are you the  ninja from the leaf.  Kakashi said  yes  we are . Good  we need your help with something. Kakashi  said  sure what is the problem . We believe someone  took  some of  people  from our village.  We don't know who it is  yet  that why we need your help. Of course we will help you out. Oh  thank you very much for helping us.

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