How You Meet (Dan Howell)

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You work at a small cafe. You love your job. You're standing at the counter waiting for another customer to come in. A boy with brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and wearing all black came in. You thought he was  gorgeous. "Can I get a Carmel frappe?" He asked politely. You suddenly got lost in his eyes. "Um hello?" He said. "Oh yeah! Sorry just zoned out for a moment." You said blushing. He laughed. His laugh was heaven to your ears. You began to make his drink, while he sat down at a table.

You couldn't help but stare at him in the corner of your eye. He was looking back at you. He has the whole time you were making his drink. You blush, and call out his drink. He comes to get it. "Thanks. What's your name by the way?" He asked. "Y/N, and you are?" You ask. "Dan. It's nice to meet you Y/N." He said walking off with a smile. You blushed as he left. Hopefully he would be back.

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