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 Ok... It is safe to come out. How are my Flappy Birds donig. Ahhhh WONDERFULL!!! So its been like fifty years since i updated. Its just i hate school and i used to be an all A student and now i have 1 F. My mom freaked out. And i have been play guitar and piano so i have to practice that to. Then im into this band called Panic! at The Disco. Go check them out guys they are trully PHENOMNIALL!! Sorry 1D has the best of me. OHH THAT RHYMED.. I have a challenge for you all though....*Insert evil laugh here*....... You Must Find Out Niall Horan's B-Day. Who ever does first will star in the next chappie. I will inbox you telling you that you won and you will also get a follow. So AMAZAYN right. One more thing. Go check out my youtube channel if you wanna get to know me better. My name on there is Minion Muncher. So I love you all and here is your chappie.

----------------------------------------------------------Jordan Pov--------------------------------------------------------------

I woke up and saw Mia's face barried into her bear. She is way too cute. The boys will fall in love with her. I grabbed my phone and saw it was 11:00 am. Okay I have a good amout of time to get dressed, shower, and all that other junk. I unlocked my phone and saw i had an unread message. I opened it and saw it was from Nathan. He said to make sure me and Mia bring a bathing suit each. I went to my draw and grabbed some high waisted shorts, a pink see through cover up shirt, and my floral print crop top. 

I had just got out the shower when my phone started to ring. I quickly declined when it played Let Her Go. I can't believe he did that. He broke my heart infront of all those people.


"You know he is only dating you since you are the prettiest girl in school." The stuck up brat named Molly said.

"No he loves me." I said standing my ground

"that's what you think."

Seconds later the bell rung and it was free period. Luke came up to me. He put his arm around my waist. Then his phone rang. It was the song Let Her Go. He talk and i could hear a girl on the other end. He must have hit speaker with his face becuase i soon heard a loud schreehy voice.

"Hey babe when will you be here."

Thats when realization hit me. He was cheating on me. The tears stremed down my face as I ran out of the school.

"Jordan!! Wait!!" He grabbed my wrist. I turned around with tears running all over my face.

"What do you want?" I said tryng to get away from him.

"PLease forgive me.."

Yea right. I kicked him where the sun dont shine and ran off.

End Of Flashback

I left the bathroom and walked to my other draws. I picked out my bathing suit that is striped with a huge red ribbon. I grabbed the bottoms and left the draw. I picked up a bag and packed it with Mia's Cookie Monster swim suit, sunscreen, two pairs of sun glasses, grabbed one pair of my flip flops and one of hers, then I packed her floaties, last but not least I packed like six thing of gummies. I love gummies. I sat my bag down and slid on my sandals. I walked over to the bed and shook Mia lightly.

"Mia wake up."

She rolled around a little and slowly opened her eyes. She sat up not saying a word. She yawned a little and stuck out her arms implying for me to pick her up. I grabbed her, put her on my waist, and left the room.6 After giving her a bath and dressing her in her elmo shirt and jean shorts that are red we went downstairs. I got a sticky note a wrote a note for Marcus.

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