Magcon boys sex slave

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Hi, my name is Charlotte Smith, or Charlie for short. I am 15 years old. I live with my very abusive and drunk mother. She blames me for my fathers death. My father died when I was 12 years old, he got in car accident. My mother started to abuse me about 2 years ago and I'm starting to get used to it. Anyways enough with that here's my story.


" Get your slutty fat ass down here right now!!" Yelled my bitch of a mother. I ran down my stairs as fast as I can, because if she gets mad, she hits. " Your buyers will be here very shortly so get your lazy ass up stairs and pack all your shit! Hollered my mom. I run up stairs slam my door and cry.
After about 5 minutes of crying I pack my things. " Come down now they're here!" she yelled up the stairs. I couldn't even process what was happening to me, what if they're creepy, what if the abuse me like my mother does? I put my last thing in my bag, my favorite razor that I use to cut, I haven't cut for a while, I lock my door and cut 5 lines on my wrist. I put on a hot pink long sleeve shirt and a pair of high waisted black shorts and a pair of hot pink vans. I slowly walk into the living room and see 9 very cute boys smiling at me. They're all staring at me, like eye raping me. The only one who isn't looking at me is the one who is looking at his shoes. "Take this filthy slut away from me, as far away as possible." my mother tells them. We are about to leave, when the one with blond hair comes and takes my bag for me. We all hop into a pretty big van. I'm siting between a boy who won't stop touching me, he has beautiful brown eyes. On the other side if me is the one who didn't look at me at all. He saw me staring and, OMG, his eyes are the most beautiful shade if blue. I was staring at him when "are you alright?" he asked me. I looked away feeling my checks getting hot. "It's alright, nothing to be ashamed of." he said very sweetly. I look back him and he's smiling at me. he has dimples omg, wait no,no,no I can't have feelings for them they are my 'owners' I say to myself. I whisper to him," what is going to happen to me, why am I here." " First off babe lets get on first name basis, my name is Nash, Nash Grier. "Oh, my name is Charlotte, or Charlie for short." I say without looking at him. He grabs my chin and makes me look at him, " don't worry I'm not going to judge you or hurt you, we can be friends. just watch out for Taylor and Jack G. Taylor is the one who is driving and Jack G is the one next to him in the passenger seat, they can be quite touchy." he says. I get nervous and shift uncomfortably in my seat. " hey don't worry I will always protect you, do you understand. Nobody will be able to hurt you." he says with a serious face. I like him, I can tell he's not lying maybe this won't be as bad as I thought it would be. Next thing I know is somebody putting their arm around my waist and me falling asleep in someone's lap.

Authors Note:

Hey guys I hope you like my very first book. Actually my second I'm writing one with a friend. So how did You like it. Sorry if its short its my first chapter so please vote and comment what you think.

Love you guys!!

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