I was legit like 13 when I wrote this so please don't expect much. There are some things Chris does that I do NOT agree with now that I'm older and I will be editing it out when I begin to edit this version fully. It gets better as I age (I'm still currently writing the third book in the series). I do plan to revisit this version and make this better!

Anyway. You've been warned.

Man, 13 year olds are weird.

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"Paper or plastic?"


            The cashier gave me a bored look. "We're out of paper. Is plastic okay?"

            "I guess so," I responded with a dry smile. If he knew there wasn't any paper, why did he even give me a choice?

            The cashier quickly placed my groceries into two plastic bags— one for the meat and vegetables and the other for the non-perishables. I made a face when I realized he had put the bread under the bananas. Didn't he know bread was supposed to either be on top or in a separate bag?

            "Have a nice night," he said, handing the bags to me.

            My face fell the tiniest bit. Instead of going grocery shopping around three o'clock in the afternoon like I was supposed to, I had decided to go on the computer, thinking I'd just quickly check my Tumblr and e-mail. But no, Tumblr has an uncanny ability to make you lose track of time so when I finally decided to stop scrolling to check the time, it was already six. Hence why I was now at the grocery store while it was pitch black outside. To top things off, my mom had our only car so I had to walk home.

            As soon as I stepped into the outside a chilly wind whipped by me, nipping at my exposed skin. I shivered, pulling my coat closer around me. I started on my way home, keeping under the streetlights, feeling a little nervous. Since the world was so messed up, I knew it wasn't safe for a young woman to be walking the streets by herself at night. All the terrible things happened in the movies happened to those women. And right now, I felt like I was one of them. 

            To my luck, the one dark, ominous ally on the way home was one I didn't have to go through. As I grew closer, I strayed further away from the mouth. Just as I was about to step out in front of the entrance, a low groan came from inside it. My breathing hitched and I froze, listening as hard as I could. All was silent, except the sounds of a few people breathing heavily. It sounded like they were right beside me. I slowly stepped away from the mouth, pressing my back against the brick building beside it.

            "Aren't you going to fight back?" an angry voice demanded, carrying all the way to me.

            "I told you," another voice responded in a calm manner. "I don't fight anymore."

            A snort echoed through the ally. "Yeah. Like I'd believe that. If you don't fight back, then you're just letting us beat the shit out of you."

            "Whatever," the other man responded. "It's not like feeble punches from you will actually harm me."

            My mouth opened slightly in surprise from the calm man's comeback. Did he want to be attacked? Whoever the other guy was, he sounded threatening. I took a step back away from the ally mouth. If there was going to be a fight going down, I didn't want to be around to see it. But if I ran away, what was going to happen to the calm man? It didn't sound like he was going to fight back. If something happened, wouldn't I get in trouble for knowing it was happening and not trying to stop it?Was that a thing?

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