Black Flower.

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Y/N'S P.O.V:

"Okay i'm now really sure you're on crack Mr. Angel" I laughed at his stupidity.

"I'm serious." He looked at me seriously making me stop laughing.

"Ahaha...haha...What?" I stopped as i started thinking about what he said.

"You are not a human, your dad is a demon and your mom was an angel" He said making me choke.

"What the fuck you're talking about druggy?" I said coughing.

"Tell me, your mom is still alive?" He raised his eyebrow.

"N-no..." I said.

"For demons, it's forbidden for a demon to marry an angel since both of these are born to be enemies, your parents fell in love with each other and didn't care about the others, the demons hated it but accepted your mother in one condition, is to not have a baby with your dad." he started, i was listening carefully.

"Obviously, they did the dirty and had you. The demons were really pissed, their revenge on your parents were to kill your mom. Your mom didn't die in birth, it was just an excuse your dad made up." He added. I was really in shock, his serious face and tone made me believe what he was saying.

"Why didn't they want them to have a baby?" I asked curiously.

"When a demon and an angel have a child, the child won't be called a demon n'or an angel, it will be called a 'Black Flower', and Black Flowers are a danger for demons since their heart is white like an angel and they force is higher than a demon's force." He said.

"So i'm a Black Flower? Woah Daebak!" I said in amazement.

"Don't be too exited, being a Black Flower is not always fun. Being from this kind is really dangerous, if a demon knows you're a Black flower then sweetie you're done, and since you're not 18 years old yet, your powers are non existent, you are just like a useless human being so be careful." He said making all my excitement fly away.

"B-But how i'm i supposed to protect myself then?" i asked.

"You have about 2 weeks left for your 18th birthday, be careful for these 2 weeks and i'll try my best to protect you with my gang." He smiled.

"Gang?" I asked.

"Oh that's right you don't know them, for the moment they are having dinner in heaven-" He stopped as we could hear snoring.

"Oh don't tell me he fell again..." Taehyung said as he clapped his hands twice making a random guy sleeping on the floor hugging a pillow being showed.

"Hyung!" Taehyung shook him by his shoulders. After years of him screaming in his ears, he finally woke up.

"What the hell i'm i doing here?" That guy asked dumbfounded as he sat up still hugging his pillow.

"It's not the first time you fall from heaven hyung, last time you slept against the heaven's door till it got opened and you fell inside that vegetables truck." Taehyung said.

"It was comfy there, anyways, who's this human?" He said pointing at me.

"She's not a human Yoongi, she is the Black Flower the lord told us about, remember?" He said.

"Oh...Okay, i don't have the time for this bullshit i'm busy sleeping, bye bro" The Yoongi guy said before disappearing.

"Sorry, he sleeps all the time, he is the turtle of the gang." Tae apologized.

"It's nothing but...I'm so dumbfounded about all of this." I said looking down.

"It's normal, maybe i told you too much at the same time that's why you're confused. I gotta go now cause i'm starting to get hungry. But before i go, listen carefully, that necklace you're wearing is the thing causing all of this, don't show it to people and take care of it." He pointed at the necklace my mom left me before she died before he disappeared.

"But- Ughh" I yelled in frustration before pushing myself on the bed.

"What is going on? How i'm i going to know if a person is a devil? What does this necklace have to do with all of this shit? Why do i have to be a Black Flower? Or should i even believe that kid? He looks trustful right? If their revenge was to kill my mom then what does this have to do with me?" All of these questions were floating in my head before i drifted to sleep.

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