Chapter 6: Coronation Accident

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Title may be confusing for reasons that you will understand later in the chapter. ENJOY!!! Also FACE REVEAL SOON!!!

Today was the day. Today, Danny was to be crowned king of the Ghost Zone. He was dressed in his formal attire, a black jeans and button up shirt with a grey belt sporting his DP logo, a white cape with a black underside, grey combat boots and grey fingerless gloves. He was standing behind the huge double doors that led into the throne room. Danny took a deep breath in an effort to calm his nerves. Danielle floated up beside him dressed in a black and white gown with grey accents.

"Nervous?" she asked looking up at him. Danny chuckled.

"Nervous doesn't begin to explain how I feel." Danny said with a small smile. Dani chuckled lightly.

"Well, if you think your gonna fall, just grab onto me." she said. Danny smiled down at her and grabbed her hand in his. Just then trumpets began to play and the doors of the throne room opened. Danny and Danielle, hand in hand, walked through the doors at a steady pace towards the throne at the end. Chairs were set up in neat rows for all the ghosts attending the coronation. Once the pair reached the stairs leading to the throne, Danielle released Danny's hand and went to her seat in the front row. Beside her sat Princess Dora and Frostbite. In the row on the otherside of the aisle, five observers sat and watched as the coronation took place. On one side of the throne, the ring of rage sat on a pedistil, and on the other, the crown of fire floated, it's green flame flickering around the crown. Clockwork came foward as Danny knelt in front of the throne. Clockwork went through a speech which lasted a good twenty minutes before gesturing to Pandora to retrieve the ring and crown. One of the observers floated up to the throne and took the ring and crown in both of his hands from Pandora.

"Do you, Daniel Phantom, swear to protect the Ghost Zone from harm?" he asked.

"I do." Danny replied

"Do you swear to look after and govern your people fairly while they are under your rule?"

"I do."

"And do you swear to not become the next Pariah Dark and keep the peace between the Ghost Zone and human realm?"

"I do."

"And now with that said, I crown Daniel Phantom as the new, king of the Ghost Zone!" the Observer shouted, placing the ring of rage on Danny's right ring finger and the crown of fire above his head. Danny stood and turned to his people.

"I promise, no, I swear, I will protect my people from harms way even if that means putting my own life at risk. I will not rule as Pariah Dark had. I will treat my people as equals and govern them properly. All I ask in return, is your loyalty and trust that I will do all that I can to be a fair ruler." Danny said. The ghosts stood up cheering and clapping chanting 'All hail king Phantom!' With a small gesture, Danny silenced the crowd. "Everyone is invited to the celebration taking place in the ballroom! Please enjoy!" Danny said with a smile. The crowd cheered and made their way to the ballroom.

"Well done Daniel." Clockwork said placing a hand on Danny's shoulder. Danny smiled up at him.

"Your going to be a fine ruler." Pandora said.

"Thanks guys. That means alot." Danny said sighing.

"Dad? When are you going to return to the Young Justice team?" Dani asked. Danny pondered on that for a moment.

"Clockwork? What do you think?" Danny asked.

"Stay for the party and return tomorrow morning. If you have any royal duties, Fright Knight will alert you about them." Clockwork said. Danny nodded his head.

"What are we waiting for now! LET'S PARTY!" Dani yelled dragging Danny to the ballroom.

"AAHH DANI SLOW DOWN!" Danny shouted after they swerved around the ball corner

After the Party
Once the celebration had come to an end, Danny went to his sleeping quarters. He changed out of his royal attire and changed into his human form. He got dressed in a pair of pajamas and laid on the bed. He stared up at the ceiling deep in thought. He sighed and rolled over.

'Sam, Tucker, Jazz...I wish you guys could have been here...I love you guys...' he thought to himself before falling asleep.

Young Justice 3rd Person POV
"Hey Rob, how much longer you think your brothers gonna be gone for?" Wally asked. Robin shrugged his shoulders.

"He said that time there is different from here so it could be awhile."

"But it's almost been a week." Wally said. He huffed in frustration. He liked and enjoyed the new company. Someone new to hang out with was always fun. "Well I'm going for a run." If Danny shows up, call me." Wally said running out of the room. The zeta tubes announced his departure. Robin was currently the only one in the mountain. Everyone else had things that had to be done. With a sigh, Robin stood up and made his way to the gymnasium to do some training. When he walked in, he looked around the room to decide what he would do first. His eyes landed on the trapeze set. A memory of his parents flashed before his eyes and he closed them quickly to dismiss it.

'No, no more fear. It was a planned murder. I've got to move on from this fear.' Robin thought. He took a deep breath and slowly made his way over to the trapeze. He climbed the ladder to the platform above. He stood there for a moment contemplating whether he should stop. He ignored his thought and grabbed the bar of the trapeze swing. He took a deep breath, a jumped. He felt like he was falling for a moment before his momentum sent him forward. On instinct he released the bar and swung to the next one. He grabbed that and swung up to the platform and landed. He was breathing heavily and a smiled began to spread on his face. He swung again and again and once he was used to it, began practicing the tricks his parents had taught him before the accident. Robin performed flips and spins through the air. He felt so alive. As he swung, he heard the sound of rope beginning to tear. He looked up and saw it starting to rip through.

"No..." he said hoarsely as the rope ripped further. "No, no no!" Robin started yelling. He tried to swing to the next bar, but before he could let go of the current one he was swinging from, the rope snapped. "NO!" Robin lost his grip and started plummeting to the ground below.

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