A Demon In My Bed

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You blink your eyes open, staring up at a familiar ceiling. A soft sigh leaves your lips as you wait for some sort of pain, but you feel the same as always. Rolling over, you grab a glass of water from your bedside table, taking a sip from it. "What a strange nightmare that was. Felt so real. I honestly thought I was going to die."

"You almost did, luckily for you I was there." Someone hums in your bed. "Nice place by the way. It's cute." Something long and slender pats your leg.

"Jesus!" You shout, grabbing the pistol from your bedside table and aiming between the eyes of the person in your bed. "Who the hell are you?" You ask, glaring at the man. The red head chuckles unphased, pinching the barrel of the gun shut.

"It's rude to point such things at the one who saved you.... I know, let's start from the top. Good morning! Did you sleep well pumpkin?" He smiles cheerfully.

"I...who..." You look at your gun in confusion, laying it on the bed and sitting up. "Fine. I slept fine. Now could you please explain what's going on and why you're in my bed?"

"I brought you home, I couldn't let you get arrested." He sits up, turning to you, tail swishing behind him. "My name is Shanks. You didn't forget the deal you made with me so soon, did you ___?" He hums.

"Deal?" You wrack your brain, hazy details of last night starting to fall into place. You run a hand through your hair in frustration. "I work for you? I didn't even think you were real! I...how am I not dead? What are you?" He snickers thoughtfully, horns easing out of his head, sticking out a forked tongue,

"Take a lucky guess." He closes his left eye. Watching you cheerfully.

Your eyes widen and you scramble backward on your bed, letting out a nervous chuckle. "What in...you... demon?" You lay your head in your palms shaking it back and forth. "Not real. Really not real. I totally didn't make a deal with a demon. Nope. This is all...I'm dead. That's it." You breathe peeking through your fingers at the redhead again, seeing that he was still there. Shankschuckles, tail wagging behind him.

"Not just any demon. I'm one of the princes of hell." He smiles thoughtfully. "But hey, if you don'twant to work for me then I can just take your soul to hell now. I think you'll like it there." He hums. "After all, what I have planned for you, isn't for the weak of heart.

"No no, it's okay. I'm uh... just having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this. Didn't really believe that you, hell, heaven, any of it, existed. So it's a bit of a shock." You pull your hands from your face, studying the self proclaimed 'prince of hell'. "You say what you have planned isn't for the weak of heart. What is it exactly?"

"Well, we need a caretaker for new demons until they can figure out their powers and become full-fledged demons. Unfortunately until then, they're kinda helpless, so they need someone to look after them."

"Like child demons? Literal tiny Satan's. You're kidding me right?" You ask, hoping that he was joking. Kids weren't really your favorite thing to deal with, and dealing with tiny demon kids would probably be even worse.

"Yes, you already agreed to it, so get packed. It'sa full time job." He smiles. "The daycare is a bit far so I got you a place next to it."

"Far away..." You mutter looking around your apartment. "That's fine I guess..." Not like you had anything going on in this town anyways. Getting up from the bed, you pull a suitcase from your closet starting to throw in random clothes. "Is there anything specific that I need?" You ask looking back over to the demon still laying in your bed.

"No. The daycare is stocked for them... Youmay need a few first aid kits." He says getting up. "Im gonna raid your fridge now." He adds before slipping out.

"First aid kit?" You ask, but the redhead hadalready disappeared from your room. Walking into the bathroom connected to your bedroom you grab your toothbrush and any other things you thought you might need, as well as the small firstaid kit you kept under your sink, throwing it in the bag on your bed. Grabbing a set of clothes from your closet, you change quickly before taking your suitcase into the kitchen, looking for Shanks.

He was on the kitchen floor, a beer bottle in his mouth, stacking several empty bottles with a bored expression. He looks over as you come in and waves. His tail smacks on the floor lightly before curling up slightly. "Hey! Did you really drink all my beer? Rude." You kick his leg lightly. "Come on, show me to where ever you're taking me." You couldn't lie, you were a little intrigued by where ever it was you were going. Though the thought of taking care of kids was a little unnerving, you figured it would be interesting. He finishes off the bottle before dropping it from his lips and getting up.

"Alright, but so we can reach that place together. You're going to have to kiss me." He smiles, tail swinging behind him thoughtfully.

"Really? Sounds a little made up to me." You hum, slightly unamused. Shrugging you tilt your head. "Why not? Not like your bad looking or anything anyways." You grab the front of his shirt pulling him forward and kissing him. He smiles and kisses back, everything changes around you. When he pulls back, his forked tongue flicks against your lips and he smiles.

"You're right, I made it up~ But you're such a good sport! Welcome to your daycare! I named it after you!" He waved his arms at the well stocked, and fairly large daycare cheerfully.

You look around the room a little nervously. "Well aren't you nice." You hum, raising an eyebrow. "So are they here? The tiny satans? Or are they of wrecking havoc somewhere else?"

"We'll start you off with one. Mihawk!" He calls and a demon with black and gold horns and tail pushes in a stroller. His gold eyes bore into you calmly.

"He doesn't like if you touch him too much, other than that, he's behaved but grumpy." He looks down at the raven haired baby in a bear onesie as the toddler glares at you silently. "His name is Law." You crouch down, tilting your head at the small child.

"Well aren't you cute, glare and all. Nice to meet you Law. My name is ______." He blinks his silver eyes glinting, the corner of his little lips pulling up before he holds up his little middle finger.

"Yep, you two are going to have fun. We'll be going now, good luck!" Shanks waves before leading Mihawk out. 

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