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-for reference: RCMP* - Royal Canadian Mounted Police 


My feet beat on the ground, tension radiated through the granite rock. My heart pulsed. Breaths ragged.


His voice was enough, enough to propel me forward through the forest with every damn muscle in my body. I knew better than to turn back, to lose my only chance to escape this mess. He had done this for me, so I could live on.

Leaves crunched beneath my feet like the smash of a skull. I cursed the change in season. Between the bare birch trees, my body's visibility would dig its own grave. That cruel man would surely find me. He'd tie me up again in his musty log cabin. My mouth ran dry. I couldn't stomach the burning taste of the gag, which had been in my mouth for the past three hours.

A familiar cry ripped through the evening until it was cut short by a thud. 

Only silence followed. 

I stopped dead in my tracks. I fell on my scrapped knees and buried my head in my hands. 

Peter, my sweet Peter! 

That monster didn't need to hunt me down. He had just torn out my heart. 

The tears wouldn't fall. I took ten ragged breaths, stood up and looked around. I needed to find West, so I ran toward the sunset. If I didn't make it by dark, I would be a goner. They might as well send the search dogs to find the little morsels of me. He had whispered it in my ear when Peter was sleeping, the most haunting words I had ever heard.

"Let's play a game. You run, but I will find you sweetheart, and I promise you, there won't be enough help in the world to put the pieces of you back together."

I looked down at the little red circles in my arm and realized that he could have done that. 

But he waited, just watching the two of us stumble out our haze. If anything the lack of his actions was more unnerving than a straightforward blow would have been.

He still waited by letting me run through this unfamiliar forest. 

The uneasiness and light-headedness stuck with me long after I woke up, chemical reminders of my captor.

I wouldn't let him win. My feet kept a brisk pace, avoiding tree roots and rotting logs.

It took twenty agonizing minutes, but I made it to that damn highway. I stood at the side of the road and stuck up my thumb in the hope that someone would take pity on a young woman in my situation. 

The first truck whizzed by and the driver didn't even turn his head to acknowledge me. I tried to chase it down, but it maintained its speed. The second and third did the same. 

My chest tightened and I could feel my sinuses begin to swell. My eyes stung. The tears would come soon. 

Not for Peter, my mind couldn't even process that yet, but out of fear. 

What if that monster found me?

I ran out on the road as the next red pick-up came near. With a pulsating heart, I waved my arms and watched his eyes go large. I could jump out of the way at the last second if I really needed to, but his shock triggered the brakes. He came to a stop only a few meters from me.

He jumped out of the vehicle and readjusted his hat, one of those real country John Deere types. He looked to be in his earlier twenties with a real sour expression on his hairy face.

"Jesus Christ lady! What are ya doin' in the middle of the road like that?"

"Please, you need to help me." The tears came freely and I didn't want to choke them back. 

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