Waking the Beast in Her

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Chapter 2—Waking the Beast in Her


Her forward momentum was almost enough to push her into him before Claire could stop herself. But he didn't move toward her. That would have been too easy – and that was not the game he wanted to play.

"Myrnin" She took a few steps back to put some space between them, which drew him forward with an intensity that was making it hard for her to breath. She forced her brain to think. She couldn't afford to make even the smallest mistake when he was like this. She was still gripping her backpack in her hands, when the realization hit her that she had left the top open. All she had to do was grab one of the daggers and let the rest of the bag fall to her feet. It was a dangerous game to play with him, but showing strength had thankfully kept her alive in the past, so she was willing to keep going with what worked.

"Yes, my sweet little Claire?" he purred as he moved silently closer, his eyes locking her in place.

She dropped the bag, revealing the dagger in her tightly clutched hand. It was one of the silver ones. Well, that might make him especially angry, considering she could actually kill him with it. "Stop...Don't do this. You don't want to...do this," she warned, kicking herself mentally for allowing her voice to break.

His predatory smile widened in reaction to her stuttered response. "Oh, but I think I do. You are so sweet...And I am so hungry," his voice dropped lower to a seductive whisper.

He was so close now that she could almost feel the coolness coming off of him. Claire forced herself to remain still. Grasping the dagger flat to her chest, Claire noticed her fingers going numb. She knew it was a result of gripping it too tightly, so she lifted each finger from the dagger in quick succession before placing them back down.

She heard a low rumble in his throat, as he watched her gracefully reposition her fingers on the dagger (she had to admit, she did have a lot of practice). She couldn't tell if his outburst was out of anger...or was it appreciation of her feistiness? He closed the distance between them and pressed his body against her hand holding the dagger. His eyes took on a strange glint as if he were almost asking her...no, daring her to try to kill him. She could feel the muscles rippling in his chest, and the sensation sent a funny little spark flickering down her spine (hmmm, that was...unexpected).

His eyes twitched, looking behind her for an instant. She knew he was surveying the room, determining the best way to trap her where he wanted her. And the ridiculous notion that she could ever escape him, even if she tried, caused a bizarre bubble of laughter to escape her lips before she could stop it.

He was so caught off guard by her response, that his features transformed again in an instant. And she saw the realization slowly return to his eyes, followed quickly by the guilt and shame she couldn't bear to see in his face.

The moment was endless as he looked into her eyes, silently begging her to forgive him. She already had and couldn't stand to watch him suffer from the impulses he tried so desperately to keep under control. Their unspoken communication continued as she reached slowly to his face, careful not to startle him again; wordlessly telling him with her eyes what she was doing. Her fingertips lightly touched his temple, gliding down his cheek to smooth out the worry lines.

He closed his eyes and she felt his whole body go still under her touch. Anxious that she may have triggered another episode, she whispered his name, "Myrnin?"

When he refused to respond, she softly pleaded with him, "Myrnin, please...Don't shut me out."

He opened his eyes and Claire froze, this time not out of fear. Myrnin was watching her intently, already a step ahead of her realization, waiting to see how she would respond. Helpless to turn away, she was held captive in his fathomless gaze as a different type of hunger glowed in his eyes. Claire's body registered his look before her mind caught up, and she was caught completely off-guard by the rush of desire that coursed through her.

She swayed slightly as heat rushed from the center of her body. Myrnin reached an arm around her back to steady her, which did nothing to slow the sudden fire that he had ignited. He moved back the tiniest fraction of an inch, so that he could run his hand in between them, gently releasing her strangled grip on the now forgotten dagger. Her body reacted wildly as his hand ghosted across her chest in his retrieval of the weapon. Claire knew Myrnin could feel and hear her response to him, and his soft chuckle confirmed it.

He slowly leaned down, hesitating just before his lips touched hers, letting her decide.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard: Aren't you forgetting something?! And warning, stop, danger! But something so much stronger had stirred, buried deep inside of her – an attraction to him she never realized – was suddenly very much alive. It crashed through her with such intensity, she was powerless to deny it and pulled him the rest of the way to her lips.

His lips were cool and surprisingly soft. She couldn't resist running her tongue playfully along his bottom lip before gently biting it with her teeth. Myrnin growled low in response, sliding his tongue into her mouth, sending flutters of pleasure coursing through her.

Her hands traveled up his chest. She would have to thank him later for always wearing half buttoned shirts, as she had easy access to freely explore his chest and body with her hands, feeling a sense of wonder and awe at his restrained power. As if sensing her thoughts, Myrnin's intensity increased as he crushed his lips to hers, bringing his other arm around her in an unbreakable hold. Claire gasped at his aggressiveness and another wave of desire crashed through her. Suddenly he completely filled her consciousness - Myrnin was all she could see, feel, touch and taste.

Claire had no idea how much time had gone by when Myrnin gently pulled back to look at her. She let out a soft moan at the distance and futilely tried to force him back to her. Myrnin smirked in pleasure at her unwillingness to let him go.

With his distance though, her head began to clear. The realization of what she had just done, began to hit in waves, the strongest of which – guilt. Claire's expression turned to alarm, and she knew Myrnin was reading her emotions, recognition and sadness registering on his face.

"I...I can't" she whispered, eyes wide, stunned by her own actions.

Myrnin's whole countenance changed and he stepped away from her.

"I'm sorry. I...I have to go," Claire said quickly as she turned her back on him and headed toward the door.


She turned to see him sitting on the couch, with such a heartbroken expression, that she almost lost her willpower to walk away from him. "Myrnin, I can't..."

"I know," he said quietly. "Just..." he hesitated as though he wanted to say more, but then stopped and softly said, "Don't use the portals."

Claire couldn't force her brain into logical thinking right now, so she simply nodded mutely, and walked out the door.

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