Chapter Forty Five

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"Yes, momma. Okay, I love you too. Bye." I hung up happily. I'd just told my mother about Kadij Koon. She was so happy for me. James had said I could call her anytime. And I would. I preferred to wait till the weekend when I'd be free to call her. I was so happy and I was gonna share the news with Rick that night during our date.


That evening, after the movies, Rick took me to a chic restaurant. I saw it as the right time to tell him about my good news.

"Guess what, honey?" I started.


"Someone bought one of my paintings and–"

"You paint?" he cut in to my greatest surprise.

"Yes! I always come to paint portraits of Lucas. How could you forget?" I asked, surprised.

"Oh forgive me, princess. It always slips out of my mind. I'm sorry princess." he held my hand and kissed it, "You were saying?"

I scoffed but soon gave in. I told him about Kadij Koon and her card. He was really happy for me.

"That's awesome, baby!"

"I know right. I haven't told Lucas about it yet. I'll tell him tonight. I'll follow you back to the sigma house to let him know."

"Alright then. I'm really proud of you honey." he leaned in close and we shared a deep kiss.

Rick was sweet. He was a great boyfriend. But I felt guilty. I wasn't treating him right. It would change with time.

After our little date, we returned to the campus that night. I followed Rick back to the sigma house.

"Hi, guys!" I greeted the other frat guys who were hanging about the house.

"Whatup, Harlem?"

"I'm good." I turned to Rick, "Lemme go see him."

"Alight. I'll be waiting for you down here so I go drop you."

"Okay." I replied and ran up the stairs.

I knocked at Lucas's door and opened up.


"Hey, rich kid." I walked into his room.

He turned to me with a smile, closing the door behind him.

"What's up? You look good, baby."

"I have good news to share." I smirked, sitting on his bed.

"Which is?"

I told him the news. And as expected, he was overly happy for me.

"Woah, that's great!" I stood up and he hugged me tight. "When are you gonna call her?? I bet she wants to buy some of your works !"

"Hahaha, I hope. I'll call her when I'm free in case she wants to meet me. I'll call her this weekend."

"Wow. When you become a millionaire, don't forget me." he chuckled.

"I won't forget you. You know I can't." I laughed.

"Exactly. Come here." he opened his arms and we hugged tight. I loved hugging him because I always felt warm and his hugs felt so good. Plus, I loved his perfume, though it made me remember that night we made love.

At the thought of it, some sweet feeling went through my body and I broke the hug, my heartbeat a little faster than usual.

He smiled down at me and I smiled back nervously. For the first time, I was the one acting shy with him.

"Um..." I was about to say something when I heard Rick call from downstairs.


"Coming, Rick!"

"Already leaving?" Lucas asked.

"Yep. Goodnight." I walked past him to the door.

"You know I'm always here for you right? My door is open. You can come for a sleep over anytime." he said and I chuckled.

"Yeah, right. You can always dream buddy."

"Recently my dreams have come true." he reddened a little. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Don't be so happy."

I went downstairs and out the house where Rick was waiting to accompany me back to the beta house.

"Sorry, if I kept you waiting let's go."


We held hands and began to stroll towards the beta house.

"Um, Harlem?"


"Don't you think you spend a little too much time with Lucas?" his question caught me off guard.


"Don't get me wrong, Harlem. I understand you've always been close to Lucas but now you have a boyfriend. You honestly spend less time with me."

I looked at him like he'd just cracked a stupid joke.

"Are you jealous?"

"Not that. The guys made me realise that we don't hang out as much as you and Lucas hang out."

"Yes, cuz we're in the same class and I knew him before you."

"Are you trying to tell me you prefer him?"

"No. I'm just telling you that you're panicking for no good reason. You're my boyfriend here and not Lucas. So chill babe." I flattered and kissed his cheek. He chuckled.

"Alright. You win."

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