Finnick~Let's Go

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A soft swirling feeling on my shoulder blade pulls me out of my dreams.

"I would think by now that you would know how much I love my sleep." I say.

I don't need to turn to know that it's Finnick.

"But you love me more." Finnick says, I can picture the smirk he has on his face.

"Debatable." I laugh and turn around to face him.

"Good morning." I smile.

"Morning babe." Finnick pecks my lips with a morning kiss.

"What're your plans for the day?" I ask.

"Not much. I had nothing planned before I received a rose from Snow." I look up in shock, "He wants to meet with me today."

"What does he want?" I ask.

"I'm not sure." Finnick shrugs.

"I'm coming with." I state.


"Why not? I want to know what he needs to meet you for. Snow is always bad news. This isn't going to be good. I want to be there."

"No, (Y/n). You're right. Snow is bad news so I don't want you coming in if you don't have to."

'But Finn-" A knock on the doorstops me mid sentence.

"One second." I hop out of bed to go answer the door.

I swing the front door open to see and Avox. She hands me a thin white box and leaves. I close the door and take the small package into the bedroom. Finnick sees the box and raises his eyebrows in surprise.

"Well aren't you gonna open it?" Finnick asks.

I roll my eyes before lifting the lid off of the box. My stomach turns once I see the contents of the box. A single red rose. I turn the box so Finnick can see what's inside also.

"Why am I surprised?" He shakes his head.

I drop the box and rip open the white envelope that also laid in the box.

"Dear (Y/n)
Your attendance is required at 1:00 in the rose garden.
I look forward to your arrival.
President Snow."

I read the note aloud so Finnick can hear it too.

"That's exactly what mine said too."

"Well I guess that means I am coming and now you can't argue it."

"(Y/n)" Finnick says, he knows that I'm more nervous now that he's requested both of us.


"It's going to be fine." He brushes back a strand of hair behind my ear.


"You look way too beautiful for him to see you." Finnick says, looking at me in the mirror.

I decided to wear a long off white dress. I hope it'll clash with the pristine white that will soon be surrounding us.

"If I could go in sweatpants, I would."

Finnick snorts in laughter, "Now that would be a sight for the Capital."

I giggle too. Even though I'm highly nervous about whatever is to come, Finnick manages to lighten the mood and the weight on my shoulders.


The scent of roses is intoxicating. A smell I used to admire now nauseates me.

"How lovely to see you both." A voice calls out to us.

President Snow sits on a bench, a happy smile plastered to his face.

"If only the feeling was mutual." I smile through my teeth.

I notice Finnick biting back a smile next to me.

"Please. Sit." Snow gestures to the bench directly across from him.

I step slowly over to the bench and sit down beside Finnick. He takes his hand in mine. I smile warmly at him, thankful to have Finnick in my side in all of this.

"What a wonderful couple." Snow comments.

"Well I know you didn't call us here to tell us that we're goals so why don't you get on with it?" I ask.

Snow clears his throat.

"I asked you both her to inform you that 75th Hunger games is coming up."

"And this is new news?" Finnick asks.

"No, I wanted to tell you both that this year is a Quarter Quell."

I inhale deeply.

"Which means that the occasion is all the more special." Snow grins, "This year, we will be drawing from the existing victor pool."

My heart stops. I feel Finnick's hand tighten around mine.

"What no sarcastic remark? From either of you?" Snow asks, raising his eyebrows.

"I wouldn't waste the oxygen that I still have." I stand up pulling Finnick with me.


I run my hands through my hair, stressed beyond belief.

"What're we gonna do?" I ask.

"I don't know, (Y/n). I don't know." Finnick shakes his head in disbelief.

My thoughts are racing at a hundred miles per hour, but one sticks out. 

"What if we run." I blurt.

"What?" Finnick's asks, shocked.

"What if we leave. Leave it all behind." I step closer and cup my hands on his cheek. "Let's go"

Why not? We could just leave it all behind. Leave the Capital in our dust and never look back.

Finnick doesn't say anything, thinking my idea over in his head. His eyes stare into mine deeply.

"Are you sure?" He asks.

"Positive." I grin.

Finnick places his hands on mine, which are still on his face. He pulls me into a quick kiss.

"Let's go" Finnick grins.

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