My style wasn't what you would call girly girl, but it was me. I was told I was sexy all the time and I didn't like it at all. Men where disgusting sometimes. Iv had my share of relationships, but they all went down the drain. I was tired of this life to be honest, I wanted someone to love me for me! And it just wasn't happening!

I had many friends, but the ones who were closest were, Stormy, Kimber, Willow, and Sophie, they were the best, always there for me. My name was Evelynn I liked it, it was different, a lot like me. Most of my friends had boyfriends they have been with for awhile like Stormy, and her "hunk" Preston who played hockey all the time, they have been together for 2 years already. Kimber was on and off with the same guy for about 3 years now, Jaxon. Willow, she had the same boyfriend since Primary School, his name was Conner, and Sophie's new Boo was Grahm. 

We were now in the first year of University of Toronoto, but we lived in the beautifull town Port Hope. All though it was a four hour drive back home, it was so worth it going back to our home town every once in a while.

All of our families were close so when we had time to get home, it was worth the wait to see all of them, the party is always amazing. Our familes had a lot in common also, My mom left my father when I was very young, Stormy's Father left when she was very young, Willow, well Willow was adopted, but she had both parents who adopted her, Sophie's Father also left, but it was when she was a lot older at age 16.

It all worked out though, seeing as most of my friend's father's left them, and I have a dad my dad is their dad also, and I have, well, many mothers. My father worked all the time as a lawyer, so I didn't get much time with him, but he did everything to provide for me and that in my eyes was enough. 


"Evelynnnnnnn! Wake upppp! We are going to be lateeee." I heard my friend Kimber say, she was always so, bubbly.

I rolled over, and just my luck fell right to the floor. Yeah, I could see my day already long and boring. "I'm awake!" I threw a pillow aiming at Kimber but it went crashing into Stormy's head.

"Evelynn! You idiot! You know how long it took me to do my hair, and now look I have to start over!" Stormy took way to long with her hair and make up, but she always looked pretty!

"Is Sophie home yet?" I sat up and looked around the messy room, boy did we need to clean! Sophie was always out drinking with Connor, and was really never home.

"No, she has texted me saying she will see us in class, she will be late again." Willow said with a little hint of annoyance in her tone. 

Willow was stunning, but boy if you messed with her, she could kick it to America and right back to Canada! We've been friends for years! 

I ran my fingers through my tangled long black hair, and rubbed under my eyes were my eyeliner was smeared. It was about time for a shower. 

"I call shower next!" I called to my busy getting ready friends. "You got it! But noone is in the shower now, so does that mean I get it?" Kimber called out. 

"No!" I jumped up and ran to the bathroom before anyone could run in. I undressed from my pj's and stepped into the steaming water in the stand-up shower and lt the water run on my body for awhile.

It felt so good, I could have just sat under the water forever, but I had to start getting ready. I shaved my legs, and I looked at my strange birthmark on my lower inner thigh, it was so unusual it almost looked as if it was burned or something, it had a slight red tint to it with purple to it and it had a slight heart shape to it. It was unique just like me.

I washed my hair and my face, I did all that and stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my wet body. I looked in the mirror and stared at myself. I was a lot different from my friends, they all were very beautiful, but they were more of the girly type, and I was, well, a little on the "Dark side" I guess you could say. I had a few tattoos, piercings and I wore plenty of make up. But the guys I've dated never complained.

I walked out of the bathroom, got my clothes, and my make-up, and walked right back into the bathroom. I put on my under garments, and my skinny jeans, with a form fitting red shirt, and began doing my make up. I finished my makeup and I walked back out to the room. 

"Woot woot!" Sophie called out when I walked out, and she walked in the front door. "Hey soph." I said and put my stuff away. "How was your night?" 

"It was good." She smiled, she was already for school, so I guess she was done and thought she should grace us with her presents.

I slipped into my black pumps, and grabbed all my stuff. Are we ready to head out? 

We all got our stuff, and we were on the way to another day of school.


We sat in our class, and I just sat there and twirled my pencil.

"Miss. Reed? Can you answer that question?" Dang! He knew I wasn't listening, and now I get to embaress myself.

"U-uh I don't know sir, Im not feeling well today so, I can't concentate."

"Well, would you like to go to the office to get aid?" 

"Yes sir." I stood up got the lesson, and walked out of the class. Great just what I needed. My life every since college had been so crappy.

I was already ready to get the heck out!

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