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There was this guy in my coaching classes that I'd found really cute.

I saw him today; at the bus stop.

He looked even cuter today if that were possible. I'm being obsessed right?

Aashni thinks he looks okay.

But I don't.

I don't think he looks just okay.

He's hot AF.

I wonder if he's ever noticed me like I've noticed him.


It was interesting to read about how girls perceived their encounters with someone attractive. A part of him felt intrigued to know what the guy looked like to be thought of as 'hot AF' and another part of him grinned with more amusement.


I saw him again. The hot guy. At the same bus stop.

Which means he lives close by.

But how come I never bumped into him when we had our classes? How cool would it be to be on the same bus with him when going to and from home? My boring journey would most certainly spice up.

And who knows, I would probably just walk up to him and say hi too.

Wishful thinking. Complete and utter wishful thinking.

All I get to do is check out morons like Namit Mehta; who's promised my family that he'll change my no to a yes for marrying him.

What is this? Some Bollywood movie?

I'm literally rolling my eyes at this notebook right now.



Aashni spammed my phone today.

I was annoyed at first; seeing about fifteen odd screenshots she'd sent me. But when I downloaded it, I realized they were pictures of a guy. He was one of the guys who hung out with the hot guy.

Through his Instagram page, Aashni tried to find the hottie. Turns out he's kept a weird user id and is completely private. We couldn't even access his real NAME.

Hot people keeping their Instagram accounts private is a crime.



Aashni...So her friend is active on social media. Why are there no full names?

Why hasn't she even mentioned the bus stop she's talking about?

A deep yawn escaped his lips; and he watched the clock tick on its own accord. 3:06 am it read. Reluctantly so, he shut the diary and grabbed hold of a pillow.

Pondering over all of her entries he decided; he didn't care how hard he had to try, but he was going to find this girl.


Oookay. So I've made a fairly huge mistake. I generally don't make such mistakes but um...so quite a few names I've used in this novel are people I've known. It wasn't intentional of course, and those are just names. I don't in any way mean to demean you guys. This is just a story. :P

My own cousin's name is Rishi. And let me tell you he's NOTHING like the Rishi I've been writing about.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

~kimayaa aka Ankita

~kimayaa aka Ankita

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