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**** Aaron's POV ****

I drove towards the highway with a very high speed. The roads in the city were very busy and I wanted to drive and get some fresh air.

Driving always help me calm my temper, but today even that wasn't working. Whenever I tried to forget about everything that happened today, Caroline's bruised face flashed before my eyes.

I was so angry when Carter informed me about the transaction. I had thought Caroline betrayed me, but my heart failed to accept that fact. She can never do something like that with me. That is why I asked Carter not to stop the transaction, I wanted to confront Caroline before doing anything.

It was not about the money, if she had spent it on herself, I wouldn't have cared. In fact, I would have been happy that she is finally using my money and not questioning me about it, but the thing that made me go berserk was her giving the money to that bastard James.

When she explained everything about her past and what happened with her today, I was filled with rage. James doesn't deserve a daughter like her. She is so pure and innocent while that man deserves nothing better than death.

I hate myself for not trusting her, though it was just for a few minutes, I can't believe I doubted her. I told her everything about the contract and our marriage because if she ever got to know about it by someone else, it will shatter her heart.

All I want is, her happiness and after knowing the things she went through all her life, I want to keep her safe, close to me and never ever let go. But I don't know if she will accept me after knowing the truth.

I drove continuously, till the time I was completely tired and out of fuel. Stopping at a gas station, I parked my car and moved out. While the man at the gas station, filled gas into my car, I walked around the place, thinking of a way to talk to Caroline.

She was shocked when she heard it, even hurt, I can't see the tears in her eyes and so I walked out of the room. She was already in pain because of her ass father and I made it worse for her.

I paid the man for fueling my car and got back inside it to drive back home.

It was 1 o'clock at night by the time I reached home. I didn't realize, but I drove off really far. Walking inside, I prayed for Caroline to be still at home. I don't know what I'll do if she'll be gone already.

I ran towards our room and sighed in relief when I saw Caroline sleeping on the couch. Walking towards her, I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and picked her up in my arms, placing her on the bed and covering her petite frame with the quilt.

The swelling on her cheek was now not visible but the bruise was. I touched it lightly but pulled my hand back when she moaned in pain.

That fucking piece of shit will pay for hurting my wife!

I walked out of the room, and closed the door behind me, carefully, not to make noise and disturb Caroline's sleep. Moving towards my office, I opened my laptop and emailed to Carter.

He must be sleeping at this time but my work is more important than his sleep. I dialed his number using my office phone, as my personal phone was now lying on the bedroom floor in form of broken pieces.

"Sir?" He said in a startled tone.

"I emailed you a few things. I want you to work on it. Now." I said, coming straight to the point.

"Now?" He questioned.

"Do you really want me to repeat my words!" I said in a pissed off tone.

" sir" he said, in a sleepy tone.

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