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A man born with 'silver spoon' will find it difficult to succour someone born with dirty hands'. It takes a man that was raised from the gutter to lend a helping hand to someone who is swimming in poverty.

Expose the 'judas' among your friends while he is still very young because he will later sell you for a penny when he finally grow up. Everybody are not your friend and nobody is your enemy.

Anything a man fear in this world is as a result of the fear that thing has towards a man. The only thing that never fear a man is death! So therefore, never fear DEATH.

Don't choose friends while you are in merry heart mood, and don't call someone an enemy just because you are angry with him.

There are 'few people' in this world that are not from this world. Locate them and never let them go because they have gift to offer willingly. You will recognise them through their message of faith, hope and love.

A man without a 'child' will live for a while, those with 'children' will live for years but these 'few people' with the message of faith, hope, and love will definitely live forever.

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