Love at first sight

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"Hi" I said to a shy young women, who was standing alone in the corner.

As she turned to face me, I was confronted with a vision of beauty. Her eyes glistened in the sunlight, and her lipstick a rose-red.

"Oh hi, sorry i was was lost in my thought "

I froze as she spoke

"Are you ok, you seem a little shakey!" she said

I...I...I'm fine, it's nothing, dont worry." I said as I finally found my tounge!

"You were alone at break" i said. She started tearing up as i spoke.

" I didn't mean to upset you" I explained quietly as I lifted up her chin, hoping to get a smile out of her.

"I'm sorry"

"It's just i dont have many friends" I stopped her before she started tearing up again.

"Dont apolagise" i was feeling a bit guilty now.

"Do you want to come round with me at lunch? You can meet all my friends. There's Casper, Marcus, Jack and Finn,. I'm sure they will all be happy to meet you!"  

"Are you sure. I mean i dont want to intrude"

"I'm sure, you'd be MY guest! "Oh and by the way i'm Alfie."

"I'm Zoe"

It was settled we would meet at the cafateria at the start of lunch. I couldn't wait untill lunch. But there was one thing i just diddn't understand. Why was she so insacure?


I didn't think i'd ever get a friend. Especially one as HOT as Alfie!

I realized at that moment that i was late for our meet up. I couldn't be late for meeting up with the most hansome man in school! I didn't understand why i was so exited. I mean I was usually terified if i had to go and meet someone!

I found Alfie sitting on a large bench surrounded by four friendly looking men. They were laughing and joking as i tapped Alfie on the sholder. He turned round looking supprised.

"I'm sorry I am late, I lost track of time."

His eye's sparkled as he spoke.

"Oh i didn't think you were coming. But dont worry." he said compferting me.

"This is Casper, Marcus, Jack and Finn."

"Guys meet Zoe she's in my Drama class. And she is amazing i hasten to add!"

"Well hi Zoe how you doing?"

"I'm fine thanks. You?

"Good thanks."

"So Zoe................................"


Well that was an awkward introduction! I thought to myself.

All of a sudden, i saw Zoe giving me a faraway look and i knew then that she was becoming uncomfortable with everyone asking her questions!

"Hey, Zoe come with me for a minute. I have to tell you something." I said trying to get her out of all the questioning.

"Thanks" she said turning round to face me.

"No problem."

"Have you done your English homework?" i asked her

"OH NO! I forgot it. I know exacly where it is as well.

"Dont worry i'll just say that we did mine together."


"Are you sure" i said making sure that he was really ok with it.

"Yes" he said willingly

He held my hand a squeezed it. I had never felt so alive in my life!

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