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ALICE FELT NUMB inside - broken.
Yet her head pounded as if speakers were placed up against her ears. Her arms were to weak to lift and her head too tired to turn.

In this moment, Alice was ready to accept death. She was sure it was only mere minutes away.

She would choose hell over another minute of getting poked and prodded on. She never wanted to feel another needle in her arm or another stimulation pad stuck to her bruised skin. She never wanted to feel electricity flooding her body. And she never wanted to hear those string of words ever again.

All she wanted was peace.

She missed her family - she missed Steve.

She missed Bucky.

Maybe once the girl took her last breath, she would be with the handsome and charming James Buchanan Barnes again.

She would finally be happy.

Alice's eyes still fluttered with life, which aggravated the weak girl. She wanted it to be over - the faster she was gone meant less time for those monsters to come back and torture her more.

The broken pavement was digging into her sensitive skin and the heat that it held that once kept her warm, began to fade away - leaving a cold chill licking at her body.

The tired girl was growing frustrated with her body that wouldn't let her give in - yet she was angry that the last thing she'd ever see in her life was the dirty old brick wall of a side alley.

What a way to go, she thought to herself.

Then the sound of footsteps made her heart skip a beat. Immediately the worst thoughts ran through her head.

They were back - they were going to drag her limp body back to that metal table and stick the giant needles back into her arms.

Did her veins even work anymore?

With every ounce of energy, Alice turned her head to see a blurry figure approaching her beaten form.

"N - no, n - no." She muttered and tried to crawl away - only moving a mere few inches before hands wrapped around her.

"No - p - please. J - just let - let me - me die." She sobbed as she felt herself being lifted off of the ground.

"Please - no." She cried out as she craved to be laying on that pavement rather than this monsters arms.

"Shh - you'll be okay. We're going to help you." A gruff voice calmly said to the hysterical girl.

She let out a soft whimper as her eyes began to close from exhaustion.

"That's what you told me last time."

Darkness was all that Alice could feel - all that she could see. And that scared her.

Had she finally died? Was this what death was? An endless void of black and silence. If so, she regretted wanting it so much.

"She's waking up." An unfamiliar voice stated, sounding miles and miles away to Alice.

So she wasn't dead - but where was she?

The brunette let out a soft groan as she attempted to open her eyes - seemingly as heavy as boulders.

"Give her some space." Another unfamiliar voice told the other.

That's when everything hit Alice like a train. Those monsters had taken her back in. She was back with HYDRA and that terrified her.

The brunettes eyes snapped open and she shot up, looking around frantically at the people in the room.

"S - stay back. Do - do not touch me." She weakly threatened, putting her arms out.

The room was spinning and Alice could feel her pulse in her head - she suddenly wanted to fall fast asleep.

"S - stay away." She muttered as she looked at the people. A woman with dark red hair tilted her head at Alice, her brows furrowed in interest.

Next to the pretty redhead stood a tall dark man, dressed in all black, along with an eyepatch.

"Alice - "

"Who - who are you? I've never seen you here - here. Your new? I -"

"- Alice. We are not HYDRA. We are not those monsters." The dark man said to the short breathed girl.

"Then who are you?"

"Nick. This is Natasha." He gestured toward the silent, stone faced woman.

"That means nothing to me. Why am I here?"

"We saved you from dying, Alice. You hold powers of great potential." Nick informed her but she immediately shook her head.

"No - your wrong. The experiments failed, that's why I was thrown in an alleyway half dead. They failed to change me and they had no use for me anymore."

"That's where your wrong. Your powers are there - they just need help." Natasha spoke for the first time.

"What? That's impossible. I heard them talking about it. I'm nothing - nothing was different in me."

"Your very wrong. You are special Alice." Nick said with a wise voice, giving her a pointed look.

"Who are you people?" She asked again with big doe eyes.


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