💜 Can I Have This Dance?

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Prom night is supposed to be special, right? Especially when it's your senior year's prom. However, Prom is anything but memorable for Jeongguk tonight. There he sits on the bleachers, looking over the sea of people dancing to the music slowly, arms around their dates and being lovey-dovey making Jeongguk wanna puke. Plus, this tux is itchy.

Taehyung approches the boy who heaved a heavy sigh, he knows Jeongguk is sulking tonight because his first love asked his crush out to prom and the guy said yes. Taehyung tells him with a teasing tone, "You're sulking yet you look so handsome."

"Don't make me punch you, Taehyung."

The older boy chuckles and hands Jeongguk the drink he had gotten from the food table. Jeongguk only started to twirl it around, looking very uninterested and heartbroken for this kind of shit at the moment. Jeongguk strays his sight from the drink and back to their batchmates, specifically Mingyu who is currently smiling ear to ear, holding Wonwoo by his waist as they danced rhythmically to the beat.

"You deserve someone who looks at you the way you look at that boy, Ggukie." But Jeongguk is clouded with first love enough to be blind that that person might be sitting beside him right now.

"Anyone who loves me is an more idiotic than I am." Jeongguk laughs, heart hurting, he doesn't even spare a glance at Taehyung who looked much more hurt because his best friend isn't happy. "Life's unfair, you know? I've known Mingyu since third grade, Wonwoo just transferred here and—" Jeongguk sniffles, Taehyung knows he's about to cry, but stubborn Jeongguk just couldn't take his eyes off of Mingyu. "—and Mingyu just fell for him in an instant." Some of Jeongguk's tears managed to escape, he quickly and carefully wipes them, not wanting to ruin his eye makeup he spent hours on just to impress a certain someone who didn't even glance at him tonight.

If Jeongguk had his heart broken, Taehyung had his bulldozed to pieces. "Don't cry, Ggukie. Come here." Taehyung takes a crying Jeongguk into his arms, and there Jeongguk softens, his breathing getting heavier with each sob. "I'm stupidly in love with someone who won't even notice my feelings." You're not the only one.

"If you cry more, I'm going to cry, too." Hearing his best friend say that, he wanted to stop crying at that instant. He didn't want to see Taehyung cry, Taehyung is too precious of a sunshine to shed tears. Jeongguk straightens himself to his seat and forces out a deep huff. "I'll— stop now." Taehyung and Jeongguk stay silent for a few moments, Jeongguk's eyes keep on wandering anywhere but his first love. There, he spots Dahyun, Taehyung's supposed-to-be date for Prom, but he just had to ditch her because Jeongguk was 'not feeling well and Taehyung needed to accompany him'. To be honest, Taehyung would pick Jeongguk over anyone. "I'm sorry you had to ditch Dahyun. I shouldn't have— have allowed you to."

"You're more important than her, Ggukie."

"Were you— going to ask her to be your girlfriend?"

Taehyung shakes his head, he doesn't have intentions of making Dahyun his girlfriend at all. Taehyung thought that if Jeongguk's plan to ask Mingyu to Prom would work, he'll be happy knowing that Jeongguk got his chance with his crush, and then he'll have to find someone he could go with to Prom. Dahyun is a really close friend of Taehyung, sometimes Jeongguk would think that Taehyung is hiding the fact that they are dating. Taehyung always replies that he has someone he loves for a long time now, Jeongguk kept on annoying Taehyung who she was but Taehyung would just give him a smile.

"She has a boyfriend."

"Looks like I'm not the only one heartbroken tonight."

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