The Seventh

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Dedication: Izanagi who is the one that gave me the word of the day :) (Iniquity)


Stench of death permeates this place,

Shadows encompass every corner,

Darkness dwells in and out of man that owns it,

wicked are the things that take place,

Inhuman, the monsters that reside here,

Innocence the first fatality to occur

Love just another casualty,

Backstabbing was birthed here,

Pain was given life,

For in this place Evil runs rampant,

 Drug the vice of choice,

murder a daily sin,

what we would call crimes,

are things they rejoice in,

goodness has no place here.

 That man shrouded in black,

sits on his throne and watches,

the sickness that is these people,

the disease his immorality nurtured.

 That man of the shadows,

deaths master,

life’s disaster,

that soulless man,

iniquity’s son.

For those of you who do not know what the word Iniquity means, I would love for you to tell me if you got the meaning for the poem.

Also for those not aware I am looking for words to use as my words of the day, if you would like to give me one post it on my wall. I will dedicate the poem to the person whose word that I used. :)

Thank you so much,


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