The Long Run Home

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Chapter 1

It was a cloudy morning, the air was cool and refreshing. The skies seemed burderned, and the trees were swaying slowly from side to side. Femi stepped back from her window and stared at the paintings on her wall. They were almost grotesque. She always wondered what they mean't. She had asked her grandfather, who gave them to her, but he always said the same thing, "One day, you'll figure it out, then and only then will it make sense."

Femi found her way to the kitchen. She warmed up leftover Akara and ate, then strolled to the bathroom. Fifty-five minutes later, Femi was ready to go to the airport. She grabbed her mini suitcase, then her handbag and without a second look exited the house. Life had not been easy for her. Everyday was a constant struggle to survive, to breath, to live. But she knew that God had not deserted her. That whatever happened she had to strive to make it through.

After sorting out the neccesary things, she was cleared to board the plane. Destnation? United States. Not long after, she closed her eyes and let worry cloud her senses. Soon Femi was fast asleep, afterall it was gonna be a two day ride. So why not sleep?


When the flight arrived in New york, Femi expected her sister to be there, waiting for her. But of course she wasn't and that was no surprise. Linda was forgetful, reckless, and selfish. How could she have trusted her to be there? Femi propped her hands on her waist, and again looked around carefully. She had to make sure Linda was not somewhere near looking for her.

After two hours of waiting, It was clear that Linda was not coming. So Femi grabbed her suitcase and looked for a nearby cab. When she found one, she asked the driver to take her to the nearest hotel. ************************************

The hotel room was very spacious and big. Femi sighed, sped to the king sized bed and bounced on it. "Finally, a real bed," she thought. She felt so relaxed and comfortable. She rolled her tiny frame from side to side and swung her wide open legs into the air, not caring what was exposed. Then she said her prayers and within a matter of seconds was fast asleep.

The next morning, Femi woke up to her phone ringing. She knew who it was, but nevertheless ignored it. She said a quick prayer and went to the hotel's gym. Femi spent a few hours there, then went back to her room to get ready for her doctor's appointment. She had the receptionist call her a cab to drive her to the hospital. There she would be meeting Dr. Cunningham, who would be doing her tube ligation. When she was ready, shegot into the cab and ey left. The closer they got to the hospital, the more anxious Femi became. She seriously hoped she was doing the right thing.

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