Cartman x plus-sized! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling this is a request from shipitgurl !! Thanx for the request soz its late, this story is going to have bullying in it and thanx for the 6k reads!! ~Nightmare💜💜~

~Your POV~

I felt fat, I hated my stretch marks and my clothes fit. I look in the mirror staring at my imperfections, I sigh and grab my backpack ready for school. I walked to the bus stop, as I arrived "Hey fatty" Cartman said

I frowned "You are too," I said back. All the boys yelled 'ohhh' I smirked.

The bus arrived and I was off the school, once the bus was at school. I went to my locker writing on the door was writing 'FAT', my eyes started to tear up and I ran to the bathroom. I ran into a cubicle and sat on the floor, crying my eyes out...

~Cartman's POV~

As I was walking into school, I saw my secret crush run away from her locker, I ran to her locker and saw the word 'FAT' written on it, I felt my angrier rise.....I heard loud laughing from across the hall, I walk over and it was Craig's group..Craig had a large permanent marker, "Can I help you?" Craig said

"Yeah," I said before punching him square in the jaw, he falls to the floor with a thud, he looked up at me. He lips were bleeding and a bruise was slowly forming...

"Don't you ever mess with (Y/n)!!" I said before looking around for her.

~Your POV~

I still sat in the bathroom still crying, my face was burning red and my eyes hurt. I heard the bathroom door open, I stayed quiet but I saw the cubicle door open and there stood Cartman, Cartman kneed down and sat down next to me....I just stared at him while hot tears fall from my eyes, he raised his hand and wiped a tear away, I kept crying so he picked me up and placed me onto his lap, he wrapped his arms around me protectively and I wrap my arms around his neck.

I cry my eyes out onto his neck, my eyes became heavy so I closed them fall into a deep slumber.....

~Cartman's POV~

After a while, I could hear the cutest lightest snore coming from (Y/n)...I chuckle slightly and pick her up, even though the school has just started, I take her to my house so she can rest....."Cartman~...." she quietly said still asleep, my face heats up like a light bulb and I wrap my arms around her more tightly. I quickly rush home so she doesn't freeze out in the cold...

As I arrived home, I rushed to my room and placed her gently on my bed pulling the blankets over her, she was so peaceful......I moved the hair out of her face and grabbed her chin, I leaned in closing my eyes, my lips meet hers and fireworks were going off in my head...I pulled away and I blushed and smiled, I kissed her head and walked out of the room, waiting for her to wake up...

~Your POV and Timeskip~

I woke up.....not in my room, I felt warm and comfortable. I kept my head on the warm thing, I felt happy and safe. I felt the thing shift around, I raise my head up looking at was Cartman and looked adorable when he sleeps. Then I remember what happened in the bathroom, I smiled and kissed his cheek, his eyes started to open. He immediately let go of me, I felt unsafe and sad again, I still lay on him and i grab his arms and wrap them around me "Cartman even though your an asshole....I love you so much you make me feel safe and happy" I said smiling, "I love you too, im so sorry i bullied you and teased you but I love you so much" I smiled and kissed his cheek. I guess love in strange.

~Sorry something happened at the end of this story but it's OK I fixed it!~

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