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Red Nation: Introduction

~Trey P.O.V.~

The temptations of having the streets of your very own birth town stained with your name is every Drug Lord and Gang Member's dream. To be able to walk down the streets with a pistol, Ride Or Die holding your hand, and your Clique right behind you. While other Gangs only dream to be able to taste even the slightest bit of your glory is every Thug's Dream.

That was the Street Dream.

I was only lengths away from taking over the throne of the most powerful Gang in Oakland. Everyone, not just in Oakland, but clear across California knew just who we were. We were a family who kept their bonds strong through the Gang. You could see the fear in inexperienced Gang Member's eyes as we walked the streets with our bandanas over our mouth and noses. The feeling of being untouchable was addictive and I only wanted it more.

Not just one color coats these streets. We have a strong alliance with the Notorious Blue Gang. Two of the deadliest and top Gangs in Oakland working together was a beautiful sight, that's if you weren't on the outside looking in on the two Gangs. We had the power and the money that even left the Feds running off scared. So who would dare fuck with us? You'd be surprised but our closest friends and even family seemed to fall victim to the temptations of greed and glory.

In any Gang there is always the emotions of a Thug that are played with. The Ride Or Die is what we go for. The ones who will toss you a gun in a Gang War, Kneel at your side and hold your head up to keep you from slipping into unconsciousness, and most importantly; the one who will be at home waiting for you and taking care of your children. Finding that one female is the challenge, The Gang life can interfere with the love in a relationship but if she's your Ride Or Die, she'll always come back and be by your side.

Then there is the biggest dream of all that is constantly on our blood driven minds;

To be able to create your own Nation. In My Case;

The Red Nation.

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