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So guys. I've never really had the time to actually talk to any of my followers and I know I'm not the greatest author but I'm trying. I have been losing followers but that's not a problem and I know my writing is not up to standard.
I feel like I can open up to all of you.
I've been going through some problems lately.
1. My weight. I know I weigh more than other children at my school and in my year. I can tell because they are way tinier that me l, they run faster and overall they are more confident.
Also because one time a boy in my class kept staring at me and I told him to stop and he called me a fat, over weight, *****.
I know I am defiently over weight but coming from a very strict family where my dad won't even let me wear jeans, I can't exactly go to the gym, also in don't think they let 14 year old in. I'm going to have to do my research.
Since I live in Britain, nearly all the school run the same.
So there are always seating plans in class. When the teacher tells someone to sit next to me, they say they don't want to sit next to me because apparently I stink and I take up the whole table.
What some people in my class don't understand that is, I have feeling aswell. That whatever they say that is rude does affect me.
I have cried myself to sleep many times, I have also tried to go on diets or even starve myself. It doesn't work.
The girls in my class or in any other class, don't bully me. I am generally a very nice person so they are nice back to me and they also stick up for me. I cat get other people to stick up for me. Though I will say, the girls are very nice, it's only the boys who are a problem.
Also another thing that brings me down is the fact that my brother teases me about my stomach fat. I do have a lot of stomach fat and I know a bit of it is baby fat aswell.

I just want to say guys, that I will defiently be updating this book more often because this book is helping me.
If you guys have any stories you want to tell me then go ahead.
Hopefully in the next few chapters I cam open up to you a bit more.
Also guys, please no hate. If you don't like the way I write, just done read my books. I really get fed up of haters.

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