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Chapter 00

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"One minute," he said while his lips were moving down the hollow of my neck.

I closed my eyes and bit my lips.

"Lourd, nandyan si Chance sa labas," I said, trying to reason with him. His lips travelled north, back to my lips. "Oh, s-hit," I said and then grabbed his face and kissed him back.

We have been playing this game of hide and seek since the night he pulled me and kissed my senses away. Don't get me wrong, I loved his brother so damn much... but with Lourd, all my reasons just come flying out the window. He was the only wrong thing that I was willing gamble with. Masama yet hindi ko kayang tigilan.

Oh, God.


My heart stopped beating. S-hit.

Lourd was biting my neck while breathing raggedly. "F-uck. Wrong timing naman si kuya," he said.

Inayos ko 'yung damit ko and then combed my hair. Si Lourd, naupo sa gilid ng kama niya at pinanood ako na ayusin ang sarili ko. I was shaking my head while rolling my eyes. What a perverted moron.

"Alis na ako," I said.

Humiga siya sa kama niya and said, "Alright. Kailan ulit make out session, Miss?"

Napailing na lang ako. I was dating his brother: Chance Sandoval. He was perfect yet I was having an affair with his devil of a brother.

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