[3] First Day at School

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Jess' POV





   I hit my alarm clock off my table. Great, first day of school and I already have a broken alarm clock. Oh well I'll just get a new one later.

   I did my morning routine and I never noticed that Shelbs and I had walk-in closets next to our bedrooms. Cool! I picked out my clothes for the day-- a white midriff, jean shorts, white converse and a salmon-ish colored cardigan/jacket. I put on my earpiece, bracelet and ring then put the rest of my gadgets into a brown leather purse.

I grabbed my backpack and went downstairs. "Morning Shelbs."

"Morning! So, what name are you gunna use?" She asks, biting into an apple.

"Apple?" I heard John say through the earpiece.

"..." Shelbs didn't know how to respond.

"Aaanyways, I've been thinking of either Jess or Phoenix. What do you think?"

"I think Jess." She replies.

"No way, I think Phoenix sounds better." Comments Ross.

"I's thinkings Jets sounds betters." John says.

"Phoenix sounds better," says Cory.

Next Max says, "I say Phoenix."

"Adam?" I ask.

"Phoenix." The people who said Phe cheered. "What's yours, Shelbs?"

"Oh, I'm Shubble."





"Scape. So are we heading to school or what?"

"Right. Meet you guys outside?" I asked grabbing my backpack.

   We all walked to school together and got our scheds and locker codes. I took a look at my schedule.

Phoenix Lorde's Schedule

1. Homeroom - Mr. Moore

2. Magicks - Ms. Hyria

3. English - Ms. Shellie

4. History - Mr. Williams


5. Science - Mr. Chad

6. Werewolf Class - Mr. Gavin

7. PE and Combat - Mr. Arnold

8. Art - Mrs. Peacock


   Wow. That's a lot on the schedule. I walked to homeroom with Cory. Just then a white haired girl tried to trip me but I just jumped over it. She growled at me and I plopped myself between a blue haired girl and a pink haired meif'wa. Just then the teacher came in and WOW is he hot!

"Good morning students my name is Mr. Moore and I will be your homeroom teacher this school year." He began, "As you can see, there are different year levels now. It's a new program Principal Layla decided to try out. Now, time for attendance check. Kawaii~chan?"

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