I said that I wouldn't do warnings like this anymore but because of the strong nature of this chapter, I do feel this is necessary. Please be warned that this chapter does have a strong content warning and a strong trigger warning.


“Go.” The command was a simple one spoken by her uncle. It was spoken in a tone that made it clear to Haruna how unhappy he was with her. He had made his unhappiness with her clear from the moment he walked into the school office. It didn’t surprise Haruna when her uncle walked in; she knew that when the principal called her parents, her parents would redirect him to her aunt and uncle.

The only part about this that surprised Haruna was that Madoka hadn’t come with Ken’ichi to come get her, she was sure that Madoka wouldn’t pass up a chance to come speak to her principal about her bad behavior. After thinking about it a while though, the surprise wore off and the creeping fear began again. If Madoka didn’t come with, then it probably meant that her aunt was at home. That was what scared her. In the time it took for Ken’ichi to get to her school and then for them to get home, Haruna knew her aunt had probably thought up the perfect punishment to give her for this.

Haruna was more focused on Rina though. She didn’t care what happened to her, her aunt and uncle couldn’t get much worse than they already were after all. She was worried about Rina and what could happen to Rina if the girls couldn’t turn the principal off her trail. Haruna already wanted Hana to pay for hurting Yukako like that, but now she wanted her to suffer for telling Rina’s secret. Hana was risking Rina being taken away from Haruna and the boss was not about to forgive her for that.

The teenager slowly made her way towards the house with her uncle trailing behind her. At this point, all Haruna really wanted to do was go lay down. Even something as simple as walking was hard for her at the moment. With every step she took, a new shock of pain would go flashing through her body. Hana had really managed to do a number on her leg in just a few hits, Haruna was positive that she would be limping for a few days, if not a few weeks.

Haruna continued to make her way to the house, her right hand gripping her schoolbag tightly and her left hand stretched out to her side, grasping onto anything she could find to hold. She needed the extra support to keep herself standing. Her injured leg couldn’t handle much support right now and her good leg certainly couldn’t carry her along by itself.

When the duo made it into the house, Haruna let her body collapse against a wall, her breathing heavy from the amount of energy she had to exert to get home. There were times when she really hated having to take public transit everywhere, and this was one of those times. Haruna groaned softly before beginning to take her shoes off slowly.

“Hurry up,” her uncle said in the same tone. Haruna shot him a glare, still not saying a word to him. This is how it had been since they left the school. She hadn’t said a word to her uncle and likewise, her uncle hadn’t said much a word to her. The entire way home, it was as if she didn’t even exist to him. He only held onto her wrist, dragging her along to make sure she didn’t try and escape. It was like she was a just a dead weight he had to carry around.

Haruna successfully managed to get off her shoes, a bit of pain coursing through her when she had tried to lift her injured leg high enough to reach her shoe. With her shoes off, Haruna began to make her way to the living room, her uncle giving her a rough shove as he did so. Haruna growled lowly at him but continued on her way, not seeing a point in fighting him.

Haruna was in no condition to fight anyone right now. She could try to escape but what could she do then? She couldn’t run and she couldn’t fight. There was no way she could ever escape what was coming to her. Regardless, the teenager attempted to slink past the living room but was quickly stopped by the very voice she dreaded to hear.

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