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                                                      Chapter 41

Tinsley’s POV:

            “Tinsley? Tinsley!” I woke with a start, momentarily having a panic attack at waking to an unfamiliar setting.

            My ribs protested profusely as I struggled to get into a sitting position. Mo body felt sore and bruised as I recalled the events from the day before. The car crash, getting captured, finding my old pack, finding out I was going to be forcibly mated if Daniel didn’t get here in time. After exhausting Jonah and Jamie with my questions, I’d fallen into a dreamless sleep. Looking around I saw no other movement, everyone else sleeping away. I winced when a wave of dizziness flooded through my mind. Since I was unable to shift into my wolf, my healing process wasn’t kicking in. I was probably only healing a little faster than any human would.

            “Tinsley!” I looked to the door of my cage and scooted back against the wall. A dark figure loomed at the door, glancing nervously back and forth between me and the door to the compound.

            “Who are you?” The cool cement wall pressed into my back as I backed up.

            “It doesn’t matter who I am. All that matters is why I’m here.” I furrowed my eyebrows. In the dim lighting, it was hard to make out his features.

            “What do you want?” I asked wearily. The mysterious stranger chuckled humorlessly.

            “From you, nothing.” He sure didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. “Here. Take this and listen carefully. We can’t afford for you to screw this up.”          

            Not moving from my position, I watched as he sighed and tossed me something small from the palm of his hand. Reflexively I reached out and caught it, turning it over in my hand to see what it was. A medium sized silver key adorned my palm. I glanced up at him questioningly before looking down at the key once again.

            “It’ll unlock your cell door. Don’t use it until they come. If you try to escape too soon then you’ll be caught and this will all be for nothing.” This guy gave me more questions than answers.

            “Until who comes? What will all be for nothing? Who are you?” I repeated the last question and stood from my crouched position.

            “I already told you it doesn’t matter who I am. When you hear the commotion, take the key and get the hell out of here. Your mate will find you eventually.”

            “My mate? Daniel? He’s coming?” I asked excitedly, smiling for the first time.

            “If everything went the way it was supposed to, then he’s on his way.” Again, more questions than answers.

            “How do you know all of this? Why are you helping me?” This time I could distinguish deep grey eyes as he faced me full on. His gaze strayed to the door again before he answered.