|Negan| "Get The Girl..." {Part One Of Two}

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Each one of you knelt in a semi-circle, everything had gone according to plan, in the beginning, now it was just the beginning of never ending torture

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Each one of you knelt in a semi-circle, everything had gone according to plan, in the beginning, now it was just the beginning of never ending torture. The dark sky looked down upon you all, watching the series of events unfold.

You shuddered under his gaze as he looked at you, a smirk on his lips. The cold wind whipped your cheeks, you glanced to the side, your eyes staring at the body of Glenn, Which had seized to breath anymore. You looked to your other side and saw Abrahams dead figure, a firm lump formed in your throat, blood soaked into the concrete from their heads. Of what was left of their heads. The sound of blood dripping from the bat rung painfully throughout your ears, a tear shedding from your eyes.


You had met the group a long, long time ago, back when they were with Hershel; you were Hershel's adopted daughter, he took you in after Beth and Maggie found you stranded, years before the outbreak. Now here you knelt, Maggie, sobbing by your side. You had already lost Beth, causing you and Maggie to become even closer as sisters.

--- A few moments ago ---

Everything was going well until the rest were caught, you escaped, your heart raced as you ran, Listening to the toned whistle sound throughout the woods. You promised you'd be back for the rest. They were family; family will never be left behind. However that all changed, your E/C gazed from behind a bush, watching as the group got forced to the ground by Negans men. You placed your gun in front of your face, closing one eye looking through the sight. You breathed in and moved your foot; a loud snap came from under it. Your eyes widened as the two groups looked over.

"Seems we have a visitor." The man laughed as he pointed his bat towards the bush. You gasped and watched as the man you knew as Dwight walked over. He grabbed you by your collar chuckling quietly. He dragged you from your spot as you struggled in his grasp, screaming out. Maggie looked towards you, her head shaking side to side in fear. She thought you were safe, back in Alexandria.

"Ohh she's a pretty one, isn't she? I think even Lucille likes her... And she doesn't like anyone..." He smirked walking over to you, he took your chin in his hand, before grabbing your shoulder tightly, forcing you to the ground next to the group

--- Back to now ---

"Now then... Let's go for a ride." Negan grabbed Ricks jacket and dragged him towards the caravan. Rick struggled, kicking and flailing his arms around, you watched your eyes glued to the scene.

"Get the girl..." He commanded, pointing Lucille at you, the blood dripped from the wire-covered bat.

Simon walked over grabbing you by your collar firmly, earning a sharp cry from you.

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