{36} What he is insecure about

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Definitely his right eye. He feels like it is too gruesome. You have seen it several times but he still hated it and always covered it up around you. He wasn't to fond of his body either, he believed that his body wasn't masculine enough for you.

He is super insecure that he doesn't show enough emotion or that he isn't the best boyfriend. He always needs reassurance and you are always there to reassure him.

He is extremely insecure that he isn't sensitive enough to your feelings. Not only that, he is also insecure about his his arms and legs. He feels that they are to lanky and thin for your liking.

He hates the fact that he can't show emotion. He can but he wants to be strong for you. He doesn't want to seem vulnerable or weak. He wants to be strong and able to protect you. He is extremely insecure about not being able to show enough emotion.

He is scared that he shows too much happiness. He knows while you are happy, you know how to be serious. Finny could barely stay serious for several seconds. He hated that and always tried to change his behavior.

He hates his build. He thought he was too chubby for your liking and it tore him up inside. He always tried to look his best in front of you, but in private he always beat himself up over his body. He hated how insecure he was about it.

Undertaker / Adrien
He was so insecure about his face. That's why e always wore his bangs over his face. Several features of his face, he hated. He would always try to keep his face hidden from you which you hated a lot.

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