A New Journey Starts

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Hello Everyone,

Wow!! I can't believe we've come this far. It feels so surreal. I remember having this book as a dream and a thought, that would always come to my  mind.

It's crazy because at the beginning of the book I was going to make Ammar be half Turkish, but then I didn't do it. I personally love the Turkish culture and I thought it would've been cool but I don't know. I didn't put it as that - maybe I'll have a character, in another book.

This story, personally to me meant a lot. I always have wanted to make a book like this and finally had the courage and wrote it.

I just want to Thank each and every single one of you for your support. Your votes and your comments, they kept me going. If I was to say a personal thank you, we'd be here all day, but all I can say is. You're all amazing. Thank you all so much.

With that being said, ladies and gents - I think - I finally present you our Dearest Khalil's story.

In Your Name

The cover was made by a Dearest friend Zammurad

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The cover was made by a Dearest friend Zammurad. She is so talented everyone please check out her work and the banners in the previous chapter, were made by the talented and amazing ignitedfyre. Guys please have a look at her work as well. She's amazing.

With that being said, ladies and gents. Grab yourself some tissue chocolates and popcorn for Khalil and Riley's journey. Head over to my profile and the book will be there. Please show the same love and support as you did for Aazeen and Ammar, to Khalil and Riley.

As much requested, I'll do Bonus Chapters for Ammar and Aazeen, so don't forget to comment loads in the previous update. ( I'm gonna miss saying that).

I'm hoping to add this book in the #Wattys2017 so please please show your support and share this story and you know the drill Haha.

I Love you all.

-R | Your_amazyn

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