Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

“Brenna, wake up.” Will’s voice slowly poked my conscience. I opened my eyes and stared back into his chocolate ones.

“I’m up,” I groaned as I got out of the car. I didn’t wait for him to help me this time. I teetered over to the doors of the rink and walked in.

Without thinking I walked into the lobby where people were milling about. I looked for Dan, but couldn’t find him. Maybe that’s a good thing, I mean I am not in the best state right now. Why did I even come here? I knew the answer to my own question; I came her because this is where Michael would pick me up.

The sound of two doors flapping open and shut caught my attention. Dan had walked in from the rink and stopped dead in his tracks. He was staring at me as if he’d never seen me before. His eyes were glossy and he looked at me like I would break any second. I gave a sigh before limping over to him. My warm hug snapped him out of his far away state. His arms wrapped tightly around me.

“What happened?” He whispered quietly. It didn’t seem like he was talking to me but I answered anyways.

“Dan, it’s nothing. I just got in a little fight. I’m fine.” He didn’t buy my story. Heck, I didn’t even buy my story. It was horrible and had too many holes to float.

Dan held me an arms length away and surveyed the damage. His gaze turned to someone behind me and I could tell that it was Will. I bit my lip and looked at Dan, he was really worried. I gave him the best smile I could manage and turned around. Will was staring at Dan and I as if we were slides under a microscope.

“Thank you for all your help, Will, but you can go now.” I told him. I gave him a slight push towards the doors but he stubbornly held his ground. “You should really get back to your classes.”

He was quick to reply, “Missing one day isn’t that bad. I’ll mange.”

My frown got worse as I started to pace. I was thankful for Will and all that he had done for me but I really didn’t want him to pry anymore. I think he saw enough of me for one day; I surely saw enough of him. Besides, when Michael gets here I don’t want Will to still be here. For some reason Will infuriates Michael.

“Will, you should listen to Brenna.” Dan’s voice was a little hoarse and I hoped that it wasn’t because of me. Look at all the pain and problems I have brought.

Will looked defeated and reluctantly walked towards the doors. He looked back and I could tell he was almost begging me to tell him to stay. It hurt him that I just threw him away like that but I’m sure it’s better for both of us, and Michael. I sat down on a bench and hid my face in my hands. Dan sat down next to me and draped his arm around my shoulder. He was warm and I really enjoyed his comforting presence.

“How much pain are you in?” Dan asked.

I shrugged, “Not much now that I’ve taken something.” Dan kissed my temple and got up.

I yawned and curled up on the bench. I can’t be tired, I just took a nap! I slapped myself in the face and then got up. Dan looked at me like I had become some psychopath. Good to know you can’t do anything these days without society judging you. Where are the good ole days when you could walk down the street in your birthday suit? Okay, that probably never happened.

As I made my way toward the rink Dan followed me with his eyes. I tried to shrug of that feeling of being watched, but I couldn’t. I looked right at him and he smirked at me. Leave me alone you devil!

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Where does it look like I’m going?” He looked at me expectantly for an answer. “I’m going to the rink and I’m going to lay down on the ice.”

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