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You not bold.

You bold as hell.

Take that nigga chain, and help him look for it.

That baby ass chain. Wrap that shit up with saran wrap and shove it up ya pussy. Let's go.

I pulled out a tampon and sat it on the counter.

My shit was ready to be dry. Watch me get toxic shock syndrome.

I wrapped the chain up before plugging it, and washed my hands off.

"What's taking you so long, girl? You was been supposed to bounce" He called from his bedroom.

I'm so sick of these uncareful ass niggas, but at the same time, I needed em.

"I know. I started my period, and I'm making sure that I didn't leave anything anywhere"

"Aw man, now you know not to come 'round me when you on that dripping shit"

"I didn't know, it came early"

"Yeah, whatever. You seen my chain?"

I opened the door, and walked out. "You put it in your jacket when we were at the club"

He paused for a moment and stared at me. "Don't tell me that I left my jacket in the fuckin' uber, man"

He surely did leave that Gucci bomber in the uber, and I had that shit shipped right to my best friend's house for collection.

"I don't remember" I pouted. "I'm sorry"

He sighed. "I ain't even trippin' over the jacket. It's whatever"

"No, because I should've been more careful about your stuff. You were drunk, baby"

I honestly did not know the nigga's name, so baby it was.

"Nah, you were tipsy too. It was my shit anyways, I should've just left the shit at home"

"I feel so guilty though. I'm really sorry"

"Y'know that your boy's a baller" He brushed at his waves with his hand.  "Forget that this ever happened"


I dropped the bag with the bomber and sterilized chain on the counter, and Osiris took a look inside.

"Gholdie, you did it again. How much?"

"The bomber is 3k at full price, so one and then some would be nice because it still looks good. Two hundred for the chain. It's ugly"

He walked away with the bag and came back with a thick wad of twenties. "Half and half?"

"Okay, but you have a week before that interest kicks in. You know I don't play about my money"


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